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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Catching up on odds and ends

I got my hair cut short(er) this morning, and now I wish I had asked the hairdresser to cut it even shorter.  I want something that looks nice with little care, but I'm not sure this is it.  I'll live with it, as I will not be entering any beauty contests for the next few months!

I spent a back-breaking 45 minutes pulling weeds and spraying what I couldn't easily pull out of the ground.  I will talk it over with Joe and Steve when I return later in the summer, and see if they have any ideas about controlling the grass and weeds.  I will have to decide whether to try to find someone to give this place to, or else I'll have to spend some money revitalizing it.  I sure hate to spend $$ on the outside when so many things need replacing and fixing indoors.

It is 81 degrees at about 4 pm and very uncomfortable.  I don't want to bother with the swamp cooler or opening all the windows when I'll just have to shut down and close up in less than a week.

My car still needs to go to the car wash - maybe tomorrow morning.  I keep putting it off, but if I get it done now it will be yellow with pollen in a day or so anyway.  Now it is super dirty AND covered with pollen.


  1. Time is getting short and lots to do. I hope you can get those pesky weeds under control. Sleep well so you are rested up for your trip. How about a picture of your new haircut?

  2. I won't suffer from this heat I turned on the a/c about 5:30 as the house was really starting to heat up. I thought you said your son got the swamp set up the other day why not use it.
    WEEDS! at least the ones you couldn't pull will die from the spraying.

  3. Ugg weeds and heat, a terrible combination. Sorry you aren't totally happy with the haircut. They usually cut mine too short.

  4. Congratulations on the weed pulling. I needed to do mine but I used the excuse that it was just too windy to avoid doing my chores :(

    Would love to see a picture of your new hair cut.