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Saturday, March 28, 2015

My granddaughter, the actress!

I know we were all nervous before Arianna's kindergarten play last night, but I'm sure no one was more nervous than Jeannie.  Some pictures of before we left for the school:  (The photos are a bit out of order.)

Here are some that Jeannie took.  

We went to Applebee's afterward, and by the time dinner was placed on our table both girls were sleeping!

Jeannie had washed Arianna's hair the night before the play and braided it wet, so when she took out the braids the next afternoon her hair was all wavy.  Jeanne also put a bit of make-up and lipstick on her, and she told Donald, "Dad, I look so beautiful!"

I was horrified when getting ready to go to the play - I tried on several items of clothes and nothing fit!  I ended up wearing khakis and a blouse from years ago that were too big for me when I lost weight.  I have to get some new clothes soon.  I didn't realize as I usually wear sweat pants and stretchy shirts because I never get dressed up for most occasions. 

I have to stop and get ready for an early evening at American River Brewery - they are open on Saturdays only from early afternoon until 7:00 pm, so we're planning to go around 4:00.  I'll try to get pictures.  Sorry I can't do much with my hair - I'll just let it grow a bit until it gets back to similar to what I had before.  It feels good not having hair on my neck though.  When it was really long I should have thought about braiding it wet; my mom made me wear my hair in braids until I was about 10 or 11, and I HATED it!  I loved how wavy the braids made it, so I started taking out the braids when I got to school, and every afternoon I told my mom the rubber-bands broke.  She got the message and finally cut my hair.   (I often feel sorry for her having me for a daughter.)  


  1. You have the cutest grand-daughters and I bet they are smart, too.

  2. Great family. The little girls are so cute. By the way, I really like your hair cut!! Nothing wrong with it.

  3. So glad it went so well for Arianna. She certainly did look beautiful. I know how Jeannie felt. Everytime Carrie was in a music competition I was more nervous than she was. You just don't want them to experience any hurt even though there is no way you really could or should prevent it. I'm actually letting my hair grow so I can braid it and not have to deal with it at all.

  4. Arianna looked every bit a Princess and her sister is also a beautiful girl. Your clothes looked fine no one gets dressed up much anymore.

  5. Arianna indeed looks beautiful and happy...both girls do :)

    I like your new hairdo as well.