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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

So tired today

I may have overdone the exercise routine yesterday and I feel l've been beaten with a stick!  Or maybe it's the time change.   Setting my clock ahead this year hasn't been so bad since my internal clock was already messed up due to travel to the Midwest.

I woke up to what sounded like rain this morning, but thought nah, that isn't happening.  Well it was, and we had a light rain all morning.  The streets are dry now but the skies will be cloudy all day.  I'm cold and wrapped up in a fleece throw.

I can't think straight this afternoon, so I will leave you with something I read that you may (or may not) enjoy:

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

I hope I have more to say tomorrow!


  1. That is a funny (but true) note that you have pinned to the cork board.

  2. My better half really enjoyed that promise:))

  3. I have days like that occasionally & my remedy is similar to yours. Wrap myself in a blanket, stretch out in my recliner, pull the blanket over my head & wait for the world to go away.

  4. Love God's little note.

    Some days are like that just can't get a handle on it. I think you handled it very well.

  5. I love your little note. I've seen it before but it still makes me smile. Being from Western Oregon, I don't mind the rain. But the sun down here isn't half bad either as long as I have a way to stay cool ;) I have a fleece jacket I use when I am walking in the morning. It feels so nice and soft and warm.

  6. Yep, it takes a while for some of us, but I'm living in a round world now.

  7. Hope you are feeling better by now. Thanks for the laugh. Laughter is good medicine.