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Friday, March 6, 2015

Back in CA for a few weeks

I arrived in Sacramento yesterday afternoon, and the plane was actually early.  Jeannie was there to meet me, and took me by her house - so good to see her, Donald, and the kids.  I noted the good cooking aromas coming from the kitchen, so when they asked me if I would stay for Cincinnati chili and spaghetti, of course I said YES!  He said he added a secret ingredient to the chili, and it tastes exactly like Skyline chili in Cincinnati.  It is a totally different taste than the southwest kind, and there have been "chili parlors" in Cincinnati from back in the early 1900's, owned and run by Greek immigrants.  Other restaurants have opened there trying to imitate the taste, but the old Greeks who first made it popular were the best !

I was really tired so after some good conversation and catching up on what the kids are doing in school I drove on home and went to bed early.  Naturally I'm on Central time and got up early this morning.  I've opened my eyes all the way after a cup of coffee, and think I will make blueberry pancakes for breakfast.

I took time out of writing to go make and eat the pancakes.  I don't bother with them very often, so they tasted exceptionally good this morning.   I'll walk them off on the treadmill this morning.

Not much else to write about as I'm just doing mundane things, like picking up my mail, getting groceries, etc.  I think I will visit my favorite local brewery this afternoon and buy a few bottles to keep on hand.  The two young people who work there are so nice and friendly, and I love talking to them and the assorted patrons who stop in.  It's almost like a private club rather than a bar, and like "Cheers" everybody knows my name.  (My son Joe gets a  big kick out of that, and I think he is known as "Marty's son".)

I am trying to catch up on blog reading but for the time being I probably won't leave as many comments as usual.


  1. Welcome home. And Cincinnati Chili is definitely a fantastic way to be welcomed home. Your home away from home - how fun.

  2. I know you had a great time but I bet your happy to be home too. The chili sounds wonderful. Rest up so you can get ready for you big adventure to NY.

  3. Oh Yum to the chili. I'd love the recipe. Being from Dayton, we often had Cincinnati chili but I've never found that it tasted "right" outside of there and have never found a recipe for it that tasted like what I remember. Glad you had a safe trip home. Bet you are glad to be away from that S.D. weather.