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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Trip to the Farmers Market

I left home early and drove to Costco (which wasn't open for shopping yet) but I bought gas at $3.07.  Because it was too early for the shopping crowd I didn't have to wait in a line.

The Farmers Mkt was on the way back home and I stopped to replenish my fruit & veg supply.  The 1st picture shows the bag my granddaughter made for me to shop for produce, and the 2nd shows an array of the stuff I bought.  Unfortunately I didn't take enough shots to get one that showed everything to its advantage.  The cauliflower stands out as it is huge and perfect!   I'm going to cut some into little flowerets to snack on raw.  (Click on picture to enlarge it.)

Everything I bought this morning was just at its perfect state, a bonus when you buy from the farmer who probably was up early in the morning hours and his employees picking the produce.  I've already eaten some of the strawberries for my breakfast!  I will miss this opportunity when I'm traveling, although my d-i-l belongs to a CSA - individuals pay one price in the beginning of the season and get to pick the produce all season as it becomes ripe.  The Hudson Valley in NY has a lot of farms with organic produce available.

Now to figure out meals using this beautiful food.

This morning I'm trying to gather CD's and tapes to listen to while driving - music that doesn't calm me down and make me run off the road.  My favorite long distance driving music has always been Led Zepplin and of course it's what I'll play as I'm driving away from Sacramento!  (Maybe I'll play it right after Willie and "On the Road Again" !)  I have eclectic taste in music, so I will be listening to classical, a tiny bit of rock, bluegrass and country, Irish, Spanish, and Portuguese, etc.  Some just don't fit into a neat category, but are considered world music.

I'm going to take advantage of the sun and temps reaching the 70's today and hang some wash on the line.  I haven't been able to do that in a while.


  1. My two favorites of what you chose are the strawberries and the asparagus. I got a pound of asparagus for two bucks the other day and ate all of it in two sittings.

  2. Seems weird to have you home and everything back to normal so quickly. I guess at our age, we move right along with any changes, huh? The produce looks wonderful! :)

  3. I like everything in your picture. Yum, yum.

  4. Love those farmer's markets. Fresh green anything is at the top of my list.

  5. I love the bag your granddaughter made for you. All the produce looks sooooo good enjoy them

  6. There are several websites that list farmers markets by town name. You could find them along the way. Becki