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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Computer Fix?

I finally found the Apple Store this morning by the time of my appointment.  They had moved downstairs to the first level and then over a few sections.  I finally asked one of the cleaning personnel and found the right place.

I waited and waited, and after what seemed to be a long time, but really wasn't, a tech took my computer to the back room.  When he brought it back and powered it up he said they ran several diagnostic tests which didn't show a problem with the fan among other things, so they did a different kind of re-boot of the system and it seemed to work.

When I arrived home I powered it up and heard the noises for a minute or so, and now they've stopped.  I just hope the computer holds out until I get to NY and maybe get some advice from Mike.  I can't afford a new Macbook right now and the thought of going back to a Microsoft operating system is not to my liking at all.

Here is a nice picture of an old geezer dog - notice the hat.  (Click on photo to enlarge it.)

I am no closer to the planning stage for my trip than I was a week ago, well, maybe a tiny bit closer but not much and nothing in the past few days.   I'm stressing over having to pull the weeds before I leave (Park Police start inspections on or about April 1, and this time they are starting with the high numbers and working their way downward.  I'm at the lower 1/4, which means they will probably inspect my lot in May or June, and of course the weeds will have grown back, and to say nothing of the wind blowing dust, leaves and all kinds of crap right into my driveway.   I seem to get the worst of the "wind tunnel" effect, and can't keep my windows clean or anything in the driveway.   

I'm not deciding anything for sure now, but I believe I will try to get rid of this place when I get back.  It's a shame because I feel totally private and safe here even though I have people all around me, and even though I never know what is over the back fence.  It's a shame because this is a perfect location for me at this stage of my life - close to everything I need and want.  There is just no good answer.


  1. If you like it there, stay there and put up with some of the mild inconveniences. If you move, you may just be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. Think it over and don't make any snap decisions.

  2. I hope that your computer issues have gone bye-bye.
    I also agree with Dizzy-Dick. Maybe you're just in need of a change and that you will get when you go to NY.

  3. Hope your computer keeps humming along. Could you get someone to come over and do the yard for you one time while you are gone? Might be worth paying them to have peace of mind and stay in a place you like that is convenient.

  4. I know lots of people who use pre - emergence in the yard and it is supposed to keep down the weeds. I have never used it myself, but I do spray often.
    Hope your computer doesn't have anymore trouble.

  5. I am glad I am not alone when it comes to computer problems. I have been pricing places to fix it and they are all in the $100 dollar range a bit too much for my liking when I can put that money towards a new computer.

    Have you thought of perhaps renting your place and putting that money towards your new apartment? Then if you do not like it you still have your original place.