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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

So this is what winter is like?

I was planning to leave Milwaukee this morning but the flight was cancelled because of the weather - snow, sleet, ice, etc.  I called and was put on a later flight, but that one was cancelled as well.  I am now scheduled to leave tomorrow morning.  It is cold and difficult to walk in the icy snowy slush!

My time here has been so much fun, and the wedding anniversary celebration was a time to remember.  I didn't take many photos, but here are a couple.

These are the cousins (my nieces and nephews):

Here are my siblings and me, but my sister is wandering around somewhere and missed the shot.

The rest of the pictures were taken at the Milwaukee Public Museum where I went with Mike and my two grandsons.  I took a lot of shots of dinosaurs to send to my nephew Liam, the dino expert.

Tomorrow at about 3 am I leave for the airport where I will take a flight to Chicago and transfer to a plane to Sioux Falls.  I had to scramble to change my appointment at the DMV, and rearrange my motel stay (I was to arrive this afternoon.)   I'm hoping to fly back to Sacramento on Thursday.  It's been a fantastic trip and gathering and I'm glad the weather caused delays at the end of it rather than during the anniversary celebration.  Right now I'm so tired and hope I can get a few hours sleep before getting up in the early hours of the morning.


  1. So glad you have had such a wonderful time (well, except for the weather). Hopefully all goes well on the flights home and the DMV. I love the picture of you and the sibs.

  2. Boy that was great for the weather to hold out until the fun was over. Pictures of the family are great.
    Hope no more flights will be canceled and you can get back to the warmth

  3. I had to check to see if I'd missed any posts, but I guess I didn't. Glad you had a great time in Milwaukee! You've got a better attitude than I would have dealing with that winter weather.

  4. I checked, too, like Judi - I thought I had missed something, but you must be having so much fun you just didn't post until after the wedding. That's a good thing - but I want some wedding photos! LOL Have a safe trip home. :)

  5. see? mother nature made sure you spent a little extra time with family!!!

    safe travels home...

    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  6. So glad you had such a great time at the anniversary. it is wonderful that you could go in all this terrible winter weather. Fingers crossed now that you can get out of there and back home.

  7. I am glad you made it to the anniversary celebration and that the bad weather came later.

    You sound like you had a lot of fun and that is what matters. May you soon make your way safely home to warmer weather.