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Monday, March 16, 2015


.....and all the day you'll have good luck!

I picked up a penny coming out of the gym today and of course so far today I've had good luck.  

I'm trying to get things together for my trip, so at least I'm working on it.

I pulled weeds from the back yard again today, barely making a dent in the total weed population!  Tomorrow I'm going to Home Depot and talk to someone in the garden department about what is the strongest weed killer they have.  I have always been an environmentalist, but I can't deal with the weeds that continue to grow, especially since the Park insists there can't be any weeds in the entire yard.  

I'm having a tug of war between my rational self who sees that the cost of living here and includes all utilities is way less than an apartment rental, and my indignent  and independent self who resents being treated like a child and told to do things on my individual property.  I will have to make a decision and do something soon.

I drove to Steve & Meg's house yesterday where Steve has a regular camping store in his garage.  He had set out several items I will need to take with me on my trip.  When he demonstrated hooking up and using the water filter, I said "I'll get Ara to do it".   Same thing for the tiny little backpacker's stove (that I used in all my previous backpacking with no trouble at all).  I'll get Ara to do it.  

Meg fixed a delicious dinner salad and I went back for seconds.  I also sampled some of Steve's home brew - an ale that I liked very much.  He sent me home with six 22-oz bottles and I just love opening my fridge and surveying all the craft  beer plus a supply of non-alcoholic beer.  

Liam is growing so fast and he showed me how he is learning to read (he won't be 5 until the end of August).  Their dog, Sammy - a boxer/pitbull mix has pretty much grown to his full size, and he is a really nice dog - calm, friendly, and listens very well.   He is so gentle with Liam, and often gets the worst end of their playing.  Meg takes him to the dogpark and says he gets along well with all the dogs and joins in the play easily.

The drive over to their house, while completely across and south of Sacramento, went fairly well, but there was less traffic when I returned home.  I used to drive to work in downtown Sacramento following most of that route, and had no trouble with it.  Now it just seems like another big city with freeways, exit and on ramps everywhere, and traffic switching lanes constantly.  I can't do that any more, and I know that even if I decide to take I-80 part of the way I must drive way around Salt Lake City, Omaha, and Chicago.  The weather will have the final word.

What really has me frustrated is that after all the trouble and hours I spent loading updates to my GPS, I can get it to turn on, accept where I want to go, and then the voice continues giving directions but the screen is blank.  I never could get it to work properly and think it is probably not worth any more effort.  I'm faced with the decision of getting a new GPS or just doing without.  When you get used to driving all over the country with one, it is a little scary to do without it.

Time to fix my dinner - baked wild caught Pacific salmon and vegetables.


  1. Agent orange will take care of the weeds. . . . the grass, the trees, everything (grin).

  2. We use RoundUp on the weeds where there isn't anything else growing like cracks in cement.... but we use a "broad leaf weedkiller" where we still want grass to grow. And we never let the dogs walk on it for at least a week.....
    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  3. The weeds, maybe we can make a horror movie about them. And what makes it worse is the neighbors who don''t take care of them and then they seed out and blow into my yard and start a new crop.

    GPS stuff drives me crazy too. I had to buy a new one and have so much trouble setting it up I just put it away and wing it.

  4. I had to smile about your son's garage looking like a camping store. How fortunate you are to be able to borrow his stuff. Bet he learned to love camping from you.

    Billy Bob back when he used to live in New Mexico used to have to fight weeds as well. He introduced me to a very helpful tool called a Hulla Hoe, others call it a stirrup hoe because it resembles one. Anyway you do not have to stoop down to pull weeds you just move it back and forth with little effort and it works great.

    In the cracks along the cement I fill them up with salt and it does an average job of keeping them away if I make sure I do that after it rains. Not much rain here though.

  5. We need to spray weeds again. Usually one good zap in the spring does it for us but not this year with the heat we're having. We gave up on the GPS in the truck and just use the one on our phones. But then I also sit down and plot everything out on Mapquest.

  6. So here is the natural weed remedy... and I must say much cheaper than round up!
    1 gallon of distilled vinegar
    1/2 cup of salt
    2 tablespoons of liquid dish soap
    Mix well and put into a spray bottle, or buy a sprayer at the home store that you can fill and spray.

    The vinegar will kill the weeds, the salt will keep them from growing back, and the dishsoap will keep the vinegar from just dripping off when you spray.

    This works great on cracks in the cement, weeds in rock beds, and even weeds in and around mulch. But be sure not to spray near plants you don't want to kill, or in an area where you plan to grow in the next 6-12 months. The salt will prevent growth in the soil. And if you need to borrow my sprayer just let me know!

  7. Do you have a smartphone? The GPS on the phones will "talk" out the directions and you can get a gadget to mount the phone on the dash.