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Friday, March 20, 2015

Class B's, Teardrop Campers, Weeds, etc.

I have received several comments suggesting that I might be happy with a Class B RV.  I think I would definitely enjoy traveling in one except for the cost.  I have always thought that they are outrageously priced for what you get.  Having lived and traveled in a 5th wheel I am aware of all the things that go wrong with the appliances, which are way overpriced to begin with - the fridge for example - and there isn't much you can do but pay, and pay, and keep on paying for repairs that probably won't fix the problem for long.  So if you buy a Class B, you are getting a pretty nice van with the overpriced appliances, running the total cost way up to outrageous, and you will probably always have trouble with one appliance or system after another.  

I think that is why I would like to travel with a teardrop camper - a place to sleep comfortably, and a rear hatch that opens up to kitchen equipment such as a propane stove, cooler, even a sink if you want to be bothered with one.  There is an upgrade for just about every feature on the camper, so if you want a fridge rather than a cooler, you can have one.  For full-time living I prefer the luxury of appliances, but for camping I don't mind actually "camping" without the amenities associated with home.

But what does it matter, as I will no doubt do the same as I've been doing, although traveling in April makes me wish I had a little more options than a tent  for sleeping.  I've set up my tent in snow many times, but then I was in my mid-50's.

Joe came by with the girls yesterday afternoon, and they found snacks to eat that weren't even in my "kids' snack cabinet"!  They are so sweet and while Joe and I sat outside and talked, they ran in and out and stopped by every now and then to give me a hug and say "I love you, Grandma".  Pure heaven!

Joe removed the covering on the swamp cooler but it's doubtful I'll need it until I return from NY - which will bring me into Sacramento in unbearably warm weather.

He also helped me set up my backpacking tent, and then measured and cut the tyvek ground cover.  I'm glad he did it because he is much more careful and precise than I am now.  I used to be careful and precise, but now I've turned into my mother and the way she did such aggravating things as she aged are now the way I do them.  Just do it and get it over with! 

I just came in from spending about an hour pulling weeds and spraying those that don't pull up easily.  I've found that no matter what solution I use to get rid of the weeds, they come back before I can barely blink an eye.  Yesterday Joe suggested I order a big load of rocks and have them dumped in the driveway, and that he, Steve, and Donald can spread them over the yard.  Steve and Donald probably don't know this yet!  I think I'll do it when I get back.  

Before going out to pull weeds I spent a lot of time looking online at used Class B RV's.  They are larger than I should be driving, and not quite large enough to try to live in.  I could have lived in one full time several years ago, but not now.  I'm not even going to think any more about it, but will keep my eye open for a teardrop when the time is right for me to buy one.

What the hell is going on with Google now?  This is not the font I selected and I can't get it to change.  I wish there was a blog program that is as easy to use as blogger, but provided by a smaller company than Google.  I definitely don't think blogs are their priority,    


  1. Be sure to place dark plastic or such before they spread the gravel. Our neighbour did not do that and the weeds come through that now. I wish you luck. Thank goodness we can have as many weeds as we want to. No complaints here but then we live in the country.

  2. I like to camp and I like to RV. There is a difference as far as I am concerned. I camped in a sleeping bag and tent and cooked all my meals over a wood fire. Now I RV in a completely furnished motorhome with all the utilities and gadgets. I like to do both.

  3. I think tear-drop camping would be a good solution for a securer place to sleep, easier to maneuver for a woman, and like you I think the kitchen would work well. The only thing that causes me to reject a tear-drop is the several trips at night to the bathroom that has become the norm for me after the birth of my daughter back in the late 70's. And I haven't figured out the best way to go with that one item.

  4. I have a hard time even thinking about tent camping anymore:( I think those small trailers like the Ipod and others are very neat. They meet my basic need to sleep off the ground and stay dry when it rains:)

  5. I barely needed to wear my glasses to ready you post LOL. We liked our Class C Winnebago and didn't have any appliance issues. Maybe that's a thought.

  6. http://www.runawaycampers.com/index.html
    I think you should check out this website. It's perfect for you, and me. ha.. This is small enough to pull with a small car, and the safety it affords looks good, more so than a tent. The price would match some of our budget incomes, and wouldn't drain our 'security'. Big enough for a full mattress, room for storing your tent, an ice chest or mini electric fridge, a shorter porta-potty, and lots of 'hanging area if you'd choose to add shelves or cabinets (even the plastic drawers from Walmart or Home Depot, etc. Read the entire website, and even the blog that has pictures of how other folks have fixed theirs up. They offer lots of add-ons or up-grades, too. Notice how many women of all ages are buying these. Enjoy the reading~
    Pam in Louisiana

  7. I have seen these little trailers posted before. the sure have more room in them than my truck camper shell. But you still can't stand. But putting a privacy tent outside the door and you can get dressed in there which I do. I did't see a price but I didn't look much I will go back. I really like it. Some one mentioned they put a chair in theirs and they can sit comfortable and read or what ever they feel like.

  8. The rocks sound like a good idea. How terrific that you have 3 guys ready to help you. That's one really nice thing about a big family, everything doesn't fall on the shoulders of only one. I hate that you have to come back from New York into the heat. Can't you stay gone until fall? One of those little casidas or tear drops would seem just the thing for you. You could "camp" out all you wanted and it would be easy.

  9. I have a Kodiak canvas tent that I absolutely love because I can stand up in it and can be set up by one person. The downside is that my favorite desert has a lot of rocks and it takes a lifetime to stake it down.

    Would love to have a small Casita or trailer but that would involve towing and setting up something I have never done before.

    I hope you find the perfect arrangement for you.

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