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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Another "Donald" cake

While I was in Milwaukee my son, Steve, turned 40.  Donald made the cake which depicts a mountain with the big events and mileposts on the way up the mountain.

Donald explained what each of the signs indicated, but of course I've forgotten.  (Click to enlarge the pictures.)

I went out today wearing a light jacket, but now at 75 degrees it is warm and I have my front door open.

While I was in Milwaukee my son, Mike, turned 44.  I took two birthday presents so each of his sons could open one.  

No more of my kids' birthdays now until November, but of course I have quite a few grandkids along the way so there is always a birthday celebration coming up.

I had no trouble getting up with the DST this morning - I'm still waffling between Central and Pacific time anyway.  

Thanks to Becki who suggested I find a website that gives info on farmers' markets along my travel route.  Great idea!

I've rambled on enough for today - hope to be back tomorrow!


  1. Amazing cakes. Actually too pretty to eat!

  2. Now that is a CAKE!!! It is hard to judge the size with nothing to compare it to, but I will assume that the bottom section is a standard cake diameter. Love it. It is a shame to eat it.

  3. Donald sure has artistic talent to go along with his great cooking and baking abilities.

  4. Lucky you to have birthdays to celebrate so often. Makes life one party after another. FUN!! Donald and that cake are amazing! What a gem he is.

  5. Great cake! AS I recall my 40th cake was rated "R" :)

  6. What a wonderful cake!
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