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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Short post (Updated)

When I think I'll just write a short post it sometimes turns into a long epistle.   How about the title "Gypsy's Letter to the North Americans (bloggers, that is)".  Also to the New Zealanders and whomever else my blog reaches.

For some reason I've been tired today, so I'm cat napping in my recliner until it's time to go take my laundry down from the line.  I switched today to my summer sheets, folded up and put away the blanket, and exchanged the down comforter to the lighter weight one.  I even opened the bedroom window a bit.   I'll be lucky if we're not hit with a polar freeze!

I'm skipping the exercise today, except for maybe stretching a bit in the a.m. and p.m.  Can't let my joints get old and creaky.  I think I'll enjoy having a beer this evening.  It's been over a week since I've had anything but a non-alcoholic one, and it sounds like the perfect before-bed relaxation technique. 

UPDATE:  I meant to say thanks to those who gave me hints on finding a  ground sheet for my tent.  I ended up going to Amazon and ordering 3 yards of Tyvek.   I may need to use a little duct tape to get it the correct size and shape.  The tent floor is a little oddly shaped - not a perfect rectangle, and the ground sheet must be cut or folded under so that none is exposed.  Otherwise, rain could get between it and the tent bottom.  Thanks again for the suggestions and coments.


  1. I just love sun and wind dried sheets. Nothing is better than taking a shower and slipping between clean sheets from the line outside. Now you've reminded me that I did not do yoga today and meant to and could have. Now why didn't I?? Windows open is wonderful if you live in a quiet neighborhood. Those are hard to come by these days even in a park.

  2. Hi from NZ Have not felt much like anything lately. Just tired. We are on storm watch thanks to cyclone Pam which has devastated the Pacific Islands that were in its path. Hopefully we will not be bothered too much and roads will stay open. We tend to get slips..... our term for landslides. Roasting pork in case we do lose power which often happens in high wind.

    Hand stitching afternoon.


  3. If you need a nap then you need it. I took one after I came in today. All that crocheting made my eyes tired.
    Amazon is amazing they have everything.

  4. "When I think I'll just write a short post it sometimes turns into a long epistle."

    Yep, that happens to me all the time darn it...................