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Monday, March 9, 2015

Below par today

I don't know if I've picked up a bug somewhere but I'm not feeling so well today.  It didn't stop me from my walk at the gym, but I was sure glad when I got to the end of it and headed home.  Now I'm not sure whether to eat lunch or not!

I've started looking at maps, but this time I think I won't try to plan the whole thing out in advance, especially since most plans are tossed aside for spontaneous travel routes.   I want to see Dinosaur National Monument which is located in Utah-Colorado.  The website says Utah for looking at fossils, and Colorado for spectacular scenery.  I'm going for the dinosaurs and if I see some great scenery that will be even better.

Depending on the weather at the time, I'd prefer to take US-50 (the loneliest road in America) rather than I-80, but I'm ok with either one - I just don't want to have to drive through Reno.   

I'm also considering buying a few rolls of film for picture taking, at least in some places.  When I look over my photos for the past few decades I think the ones taken with film are by far the best, especially for color and composition.  I don't have the patience to fool with enhancements, etc., so what you see is what you get.  I'll still have two digital cameras with me though.  Now to find a place that sells film!  I'll fit right in at Dinosaur National Monument, won't I.  

I went shopping at Costco and Target yesterday with Jeannie & family.  It's always a pleasant trip and I miss it when I'm away.  I think Jeannie and I both got away with a lot less than either one of us normally spends at Costco.

I notice I have a lot of programs that I recorded when I was in Milwaukee, plus a few from earlier that I never got around to watching.  I need to either watch them or delete them in the next couple of weeks so I have space for the series I record.  I rarely watch entertainment shows but I do like some of the science and history programs - some, but not all.  I've about had it with WW II documentaries.  Every time I see the face of Hitler I want to gag.

I heard something amusing on the radio as I was leaving the gym today.  I didn't catch the name of the woman they were talking about, but said she has "one million friends on Facebook".  What would it be like to have one million "friends", I wonder.  You would spend weeks or maybe even months just reading a list of their names!   I didn't think it would ever get to the point that people would actually take it seriously.   Something is missing in life when it matters how many friends you have on F.B.


  1. Probably a cold contacted on the flight home. That happens so often when flying.

  2. It just hit me, I have been in all the states around Utah (Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Nevada, but some how I missed Utah or don't remember it. . .

  3. If you're traveling to Dinosaur in early April, you might want to check what the weather is usually like then. It is the high desert, and they may still have snow. Not even sure if the lovely campground on the Green River would be open.

  4. I guess if you find film somewhere they must develop it there too. I'm sure you already tried Walgreen's.

    Like you I don't understand why anyone would want so many people on their FB and lets face it they don't all respond what a waste of time. Maybe they have nothing better to do with their time than sit on a computer all day and night.

  5. It sure makes a mockery of the word "friend" doesn't it. Planes are notorious germ spreaders