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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

You told me so!

A while back, before I was even hospitalized and was losing  weight, I wanted to gain some pounds but was barely able to stay even.  Several people told me I should try Ensure, but I said I'd never drink the stuff.  Well, I'm now drinking it!  I figure at 350 calories for a small bottle, plus all the nourishment it provides, I'll drink two bottles on the days I don't go to the gym, and one bottle on gym days - I'll still prefer my protein shake on those days.

This morning I returned a product I bought at Costco, and should have just left the store with the money, but I walked around a bit and found they had a case of Ensure, 30 bottles, for about $4 more than my refund was.  

The shoes I ordered from LLBean arrived this morning and I only had to try one shoe on to realize they would never work!  Now I have to send them back because the shoe hits my ankle at the wrong spot.

Nancy asked me about the model and item # of the shoes I ordered, and I responded on my blog last night - the trouble is that the folks who had already read it wouldn't think to go back, so I'll repeat the info here - this is actually what I ordered:
Trail Model Hiker
Waterproof II Low Women's
Qty: 1
Item: TC258485
Color/Style: Graphite/Pewter

They are really nice and such a good buy that I hate having to return them.  I even tried using the Superfeet insoles from another pair of shoes, thinking it might raise my ankle a couple of centimeters, but no help.

I stopped in Walmart to look for the Endust, and while searching the aisle it should have been on I was approached by a woman who asked me if I was a regular shopper in that store.  I told her I wasn't, and she exclaimed that she couldn't find a thing she was looking for.  I agreed and said I was in the same boat.  I really dislike that store but hoped to find Endust on their shelves.  I know Target doesn't have it so I'll have to look at a few hardware-type stores.

Then, to put another dent in my attempt at a minimalist lifestyle this year, I drove to REI and bought myself a tent to replace my backpacking tent that I loved using last summer until I got rained on in a deluge!  The new tent is a Kelty Salida 2 model, a 2-person tent but with only one door and one vestibule.  It is becoming more difficult to find a 2 person tent with only one door these days, and I certainly don't need it nor do I need the extra weight of such a tent.  You can always figure if a tent is advertised as 2-person, then it is comfortable for 1; if it is a 3 person tent then you know two people is about what it holds.  So why do the mfrs mess with a good lightweight 2 person tent that is more suitable for 1 camper, by adding unneeded features.  I think I will like this tent - I opened the package in the store and unfolded the tent to check the zippers, and couldn't believe how much lighter weight it is.  The door is on one side of the tent which will make it easier to enter and exit - just roll in and roll out - as opposed to having to crawl in and out like my old tent.  With only 2 poles I should soon be setting this baby up in 3 minutes flat!  So now my REI dividend in March will be applied toward a pack, although I don't know yet whether I should get a large day pack or maybe one that can accommodate a multi-day trip.  I'm probably dreaming big to think I could carry a pack with all my gear in it for several days, but when I have to stop dreaming then it's all over for me.

Today has been a gorgeous sunshiny day, so I've announced to the Universe that it's ok to send back the rain cuz I can now deal with it!

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At a few minutes before 6pm I looked out and saw this beautiful sunset.  



  1. You hit right on the nose why I gave up ordering shoes/boots on line unless they are Oofos. I really have to try them on to know if they will fit which means I miss out on a lot of really good sales.

  2. I cannot order shoes online, as I clearly have odd feet:(

  3. I clicked on your sunset picture to enlarge it and glad I did. It was beautiful small on your blog but when enlarged it was glorious!! And like Judith said, never quit dreaming. If we have no dreams we may not want to go on.

  4. That sunset is gorgeous! Looks like Southern California, not Sacramento. Keep on planning.

  5. I try to do realistic dreaming so I do not waste too much money on impossible dreams. I know my left knee will never allow for the weight of backpacking or bike touring so now I dream of more day hikes and local riding in special places. Look out BIBE here we come.

  6. I did not find a Registered Google Users setting. My blogger account only says Registered User which lets users registered other than just Google comment. That is the setting I am having good luck with.

  7. Sure was a busy day for you today. I hope ensure works for you and if you keep eating your meals with it you should do OK.

    After spending the day messing around in my camper I am so ready to hit the road again. Maybe next week a few days will make me happy for awhile.

    Sounds like a great new tent for you. Did you set it up in the living room?

  8. Looks like I can comment through my Wordpress account.

    Virtual hugs,


  9. Thank you for the shoe information Gypsy.

  10. Try Target for the Endust, electronics department. It's getting harder and harder to find shoes that fit well. I suggest not going too large with the backpack. They can get heavier than you think when loading. I have a Kelty Redwing 2650 and it can feel rather heavy after a short hike. Take care.

  11. Funny you mention Ensure,just bought some for my Mom as she has lost so much weight since her back problems.

    Would love to see a picture of your new tent when you have the time.

    While I love my Kodiak Canvas tent, I will only put it up if I am going to spend more than 5 days at a location.