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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Just a short update

I haven't found much to watch on TV since I got hooked up with AT&T, but did watch Ghost Busters last night.  For some crazy reason I always liked that show.  

I did watch one of the DVD's today - this one is of Capitol Reef and includes Bryce, Zion, and the Grand Canyon.  I will finish the DVD with the Grand Canyon when I get home from the gym tonight.  Now seeing it makes me so sorry I didn't get to those parks last fall, but I don't see how I can even make it this year.  I haven't done any estimates on what it would cost me, but the cost of fuel alone would make it difficult for me, and I would want to spend several days to a week in each Park, so even with the half price senior discount it adds up.

This country is so huge, and there are countless beautiful places to see in it, that it's really mind boggling.  It amazes me that I find Bryce and Zion as places I'd like to spend time in, as I am definitely not a lover of the desert.  Much of the parks is high desert with little or no prickly cactus stuff, so maybe that's the difference.

I notice that for the past few months I am receiving a ton of mail asking for donations of one sort or another.  They are all worthy causes - animal welfare, environmental concerns, etc., but as a retired person with limited income I just have to toss most of them.  Today I got a pitch to become a member of the California State Parks Foundation, and I think I might go for that.  I would get 5% off camping in the parks, plus I am eligible for a senior discount on top of that, so the membership itself is worth it, plus I would be supportive of parks that I use occasionally.

For the past year there has been a frog outside my house that chirps (do frogs chirp?  or is it croak?).  Everytime I tiptoe to the window to try to get a glimpse he clams up.  Now how does he see me every time. 

Now I need to get my stuff ready for the gym this evening.


  1. Not surprised you can't find anything worth watching TV stinks.

    Joining the Parks Foundation sounds like a great way to support your local parks.

  2. Ghost Busters? HAHaaaa…. yeah, good movie … you have TVLand on your channel list? all the fun old shows come on there… TNT and USA and Lifetime and Hallmark … I've been enjoying the Olympics sporadically … men play tomorrow night against Canada in hockey…

    I always liked the Golden Girls … they come on TVLand and some other channel… forget … TMC has great movies .

    PBS has great Nature shows and British comedies .. THe California State Parks Foundation sounds great!

    Frogs croak… ribbit

  3. Glad you are enjoying your new TV service.