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Monday, February 17, 2014

Having a 'wired" day

For some reason I woke up ready to get things done!  I did all my laundry, even changed the sheets and remade the bed, and have done lots of little jobs around the house.  I'm taking it a bit easier now (after 4 pm) but will no doubt do some more little jobs before the end of the day.

I am on an email list of folks interested in the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) which runs from Mexico to Canada.  I'm following a blogger who hiked the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) last year (NM to Can.), and it's interesting to compare these two trails with what I know of the Appalachian Trail (AT) (GA to ME).  The AT, CDT, and PCT are known as the "Triple Crown", and many backpackers have successfully hiked all three end to end.  This time of the year I can't stop dreaming about going on an extended backpack trip of my own.  

I still haven't set up my tent.  When the weather warms up a little, toward the end of this week, I'll take it to one of my kids' houses and try setting it up on grass.  Now that I'm feeling better and stronger, and taking for granted that I'll remain so, I am more motivated to do things like that.  I also bought a set of trekking poles at Costco today - made in China, of course, with directions for adjusting the poles that are completely worthless (the directions, that is).  I may just get my Leki poles refurbished.  They are made in Germany with the care and precision the Germans are known for, but after about 15 years they need some maintenance and rehab.  While many hikers don't use poles, I have found that two poles save my knees on the downhills, and just make hiking on rough terrain so much easier.  At my age I need the extra balance as well. 

I just got a phone call from my granddaughter in Philly.  How I miss that girl, and it's always great to hear her voice.  She recently connected with a group of German speakers so she can keep up her language skills.

When the afternoon sun comes shining through the front door I can see all the little handprints.  I will clean the glass as soon as the sun moves a bit, but I always hate to see those handprints go, considering the sweet little things that put them there.

We have been hoping for more rain but it looks like sunny weather and reaching the low 70's by the weekend.  Weather forecasters are often as wrong as they are right, but I guess there are a lot of variables that constantly change so we can't blame them.

I still don't have a clue what I'll fix for supper tonight.  I've already eaten so damn much today that I'm really not hungry, and the old Gypsy would say "the heck with supper" and just find a snack or two.  The thought occurred to me today that I will soon have to buy nearly a complete new wardrobe!  Since I don't get rid of anything that still has a lot of wear, I do have some things in larger sizes.

I'd better go see what I can fix that is quick and easy.


  1. See each you are getting stronger and a much better appetite.
    You sure were busy today I bet that makes you feel even better.

  2. Definitely wonderful to see you feeling so good and having so much energy. We don't have little hand prints but we sure do have nose prints everywhere.

  3. I like those days when I wake up full of vim & vigor eager to get things accomplished. Just need to have more of them that's all...

  4. It is sure great that you are feeling better ..... Hang in there, you'll be hiking before we know it !!!!!

  5. I would sure love to have a couple of days like you had today. Especially getting the energy to go do the laundry :(

  6. I love that feeling of lots if energy. Wish I had it more often. I always wish I could figure out what creates that energy so I could do it more

  7. Good to hear that you're feeling better and dreaming of the 'Trail Triple Crown', Wish there was a way to preserve those little hand prints or at least slow time down! Take good care.