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Sunday, February 9, 2014

It's still coming down

No breaks at all in the rain - it's been coming down for a number of days now.  That's good for the drought conditions but it is depressing to see and hear.  I don't think I ever minded the rain so much until I lived in my 5th wheel.  When it rained during the night I couldn't sleep because the noise of it pounding the roof was just too distracting.  It's the same way in this mobile home, I can hear the pounding rain 24 hrs a day, and it is slowly driving me nuts!

When I moved to Sacramento in 1986, my sister (Amy) told me that first winter to not let the rain affect what I want to do or where I want to go.  Just dress for it and go out when you want.  I forgot that, and yesterday was so despondent I never did get dressed - just moped around all day long.  Today is different and I've been to the grocery this morning and will go to the gym later on today.  But looking out at the heavy rain falling, hearing it on the roof and watching it cascade down my windows doesn't make me feel like doing much of anything.  I'm glad we are getting the rain even though it probably won't alleviate the drought all that much.  Every little bit will help, but it sure is enough to turn my tiny yard green with weeds.  So much for the work I had done on it last year.

Between dental work and a new roof that I can't prolong any longer, I'll be lucky to be able to make it to a few camping spots in Northern CA this summer.  There are plenty I want to visit and with my senior access to the national parks and forests, the gas for my car will be the most costly part of a trip.

I wish there was more to blog about, but my life at present is pretty much on hold.  Guess it's just that time of year.


  1. I got out today ... the streets were great! couldn't believe it. but I was getting out come hell or high water...

    so, now the cats are taken care of and I got some fun food...

    I like the rain and I like snow. Too much is the problem. gray ol gloomy skies get old after a while regardless of whether the earth needs the moisture... that's why yesterday I watched all those old movies ... kept me fairly sane.

    haaa... define sane... but a video of Charlie sliding down a slide cheered me up. AND a cheese pizza with a diet Pepsi... haven't had a Diet Pepsi in eons.... or a pizza.

    yay for food

  2. I always thought the sound of rain was relaxing and put me to sleep, but not storms, they keep me awake and sure do not relax me.

  3. I can handle the rain but not the wind or lightning. But day after day of rain would get me down. I need sunshine in my life often.

  4. At least you got out today and hope you went to the gym to. Are you getting your roof coated or do you need a new one. They have this great roof coating stuff that can be rolled on I think it's called Henry or some guys name anyway. It is very think and will lesson the noise on the roof. I used it up in the mountains and it also blocks the heat in summer.

  5. No doubt that extended bad weather can get a person down.

  6. Hey there, you can blame me for the rain... I've been doing that rain dance. Living up in the foothill and being on a well I sure did not want to run out of water. So it can keep raining till summer or longer. I hear Mon & Tues are supposed to be nice then more rain the rest of the week.

    My e-mail is waianaegal@gmail.com using the name of a town I lived in on Oahu Hi a few years back.

    I too am looking forward to some tent camping out of my van this summer, heading up into Mendicino and the north coast.

    I've enjoyed reading of your travels, stay warm...

    Carlene aka Waianaegal

  7. One thing I really love about our RV is the sound of rain on the roof. It sounds just like rain on our farmhouse metal roof only better. I'm sorry it keeps you away. It actually lulls me to sleep. Glad you have been able to get out and about today.