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Friday, February 14, 2014

Odds and Ends

I'll start out with some replies to a few of the comments I've received.

Nancy1340:  I have no doubt that in certain situations a gun can be a life saver.  I was just never interested in carrying or learning how to use them, and now at my age (and with my reduced vision and reflexes) this isn't the time for me to start.

Kathy Kelly:  Yes, I put ham in the pea soup.  I use a ham steak and just cube it in small pieces.  I also add onion, carrots, and celery.

RunNRose:  I have looked several times at Walmart, and this morning at Safeway, but the local stores just don't carry Endust.

I neglected to mention that a tent footprint is a piece of lightweight tarp (or Tyvek if you can find it) that is cut just a tad smaller than your tent.  It serves as a ground sheet, keeping out the moisture and chill from the ground, while also offering some protection to the bottom of the tent from small stones and sticks.  Most tent mfrs make a "footprint" that matches a particular tent they sell, usually costing in the neighborhood of $40-50+.  The advantage of this kind is that it allows you to skip the tent and just attach the rain fly to the footprint and use hiking poles to hold it up, which is a quick set-up.  The downside to this is that insects can get inside, as can crawly things.  The tent, being completely enclosed, prevents these things.

I drove to Lowe's this morning (after visiting Walmart again and Safeway).  Lowe's doesn't have Endust.  Drove on over to Costco to pick up my Rx sedative to be taken before my root canal work.  Anyone who shops at Costco knows that they set up sample tables allowing you to taste a product in the hopes you will buy it.  Well, buy it I did!  They were offering samples of Greenlee bread, cinnamon and raisin are the two I bought.  The samples were toasted and smeared with whipped butter.  At a ton of calories per slice I am going to enjoy eating them - I already had one slice of each after my lunch.  Note:  In 5 weeks I've gained 6#, although I've only been really working seriously at it for 3 wks.  Too slow for my liking but it will have to do.  Let's see, 20 more pounds is my goal, so that will be around the end of April.

Donald just delivered a box of strawberries for Valentine's Day.  I've already eaten two of them.

I had a couple more stops to make but was just too tired and hungry to continue.  

Don also brought me a big box of fresh strawberries, so I just made a quick run to the grocery to get bananas to go with them.  My favorite breakfast is strawberries and bananas, even better than coffeecake (well almost).   Guess what I found at the store - one lonely can of Endust sat on the shelf so I snatched it up.  Somehow I was pulled past the   ice cream cooler on the way to the cashier, and two small containers of Hagen Dazs fell into my cart.  I'd be pretty happy if I wasn't so full from eating today.


  1. "at my age (and with my reduced vision and reflexes"

    Pfttttttt You're probably better suited & able to do so than 50% of the people that have guns are.

    Anyway it wouldn't hurt to stop in a gun shop like Pro Bass shop and talk to them. I think they have a range but am not sure. And while you are there there are plenty of thing to interest you for hiking and camping.

  2. Are the strawberry's dipped in chocolate? If not they will still be good. glad you found your endust.

    I'm with you on the gun not thanks

  3. I just did a search for Endust at Amazon and of course, they have it!

  4. Gorgeous valentine strawberries from Donald. Boy that man is really talented. Glad to hear the ice cream fell in your cart. I have 20 # I could give you and then I could eat ice cream with you. I'm with you on the no guns. I refuse to be that afraid. And I'm sticking to my guns on that.

  5. You found your endust!!! That's great. We took the girls to get their nails clipped yesterday and I decided they really needed a treat. So we stopped at DQ.

  6. Like you, it seems that ice cream just seems to jump into my cart all by itself. The one that always jumps in is Blue Bell Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and the level in the container went down tonight... Hey, it's my birthday and I deserve it!!!

  7. Well I wish you were close to a Fred Meyers or Ralph's. I but my Endust at Fred Meyers in Portland, Oregon

  8. I did not realize Endust was so hard to find until I read your blog. I usually just use a store brand.

    I love ice cream but since I was sick for almost two months decided it would not be a good idea to buy some.

  9. This isn't meant in jest but is it possible that Endust is illegal to sell in Californian. I know they have some tough on so called volatile organics.. Or if not in the whole state in the area your in...