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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It once was lost ...

...But now it's found!  Today I wanted to order a thingy that converts VHF tapes to DVD's.  It was being offered as a "member deal" from AAA.  I had already checked with customer service to make sure it would be legal to transfer two commercial tapes to DVD, and was ready to place my order.  I couldn't find my AAA card anywhere!  I found a letter I received when I first joined AAA and called for help.  As I was just beginning to explain my problem I again looked through my wallet, and found the errant card behind another card in the slot.  My VHF tapes include Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Paul Simon's Graceland, and the converter will be on its way soon.

I was on a roll and renewed my vehicle registration online.  The new stickers have to be on the license plates by the end of March, which gives them plenty of time to be routed through my mail forwarding in SD and then on to me.  South Dakota has to have the best DMV to deal with in the entire country.  I've never yet had to appear in their office - my mail fwd person took care of the original registration of my truck & 5th wheel, and when I sold the truck and bought the Highlander I just had to transfer the plates and let them know, online.  I still have my RV plate and wonder if I could use it in the event I bought another camper.  Not that I'm likely to do that.

Well, the TV works fine but I couldn't find a thing worth watching last night, and only quickly checked this morning to see if Animal Cops-Houston was on.  One thing I really appreciated was that the installer left me a card with his name and cell phone, plus his supervisor's name & cell phone, and if I have any problems I can call him direct and he will figure it out and take care of it.  That's a lot different than my previous experience where you call an 800 number and have to listen to a lot of recorded garbage before you ever get to talk to a human.

Now that I have TV, of course the DVD that I've been waiting for was finally at my library - "America's Most Scenic Drives".  I'm looking forward to watching it, and while I was there I found 3 more DVD's - 1)Grand Staircase, Bryce, Zion & Grand Canyon; 2)Yellowstone; and 3)Grand Tetons.  By the time I view all these DVD's  I will be itching to hit the road!

I just watched the first of four DVD's in America's Most Scenic Drives, and enjoyed it very much.  It sort of hopscotches around geographically, but it's basically in the east and covers Maine to Key West.  It veers over to Niagara Falls, the Mississippi River, Skyline Drive & Blue Ridge Pkwy, etc.  If you like travelogues with great scenery then you would enjoy this set.  Thanks to the person who recommended it in a comment on my blog.  I'm sorry but it took a while to get it as I wasn't the only person on the list to request it.  That plus the fact that I get so many emails a day I just plain lost track of who it was that wrote me about it.  I very much appreciate it and look forward to the next 3 discs.

Since I'm into an overage charge on my MiFi for the next couple of days I notice everything is loading more slowly.  I'm sure that's no coincidence, and I will be so glad to say goodbye to Verizon.  I once thought they were the best, and they might still be the best as far as coverage goes, but what I always liked was their customer service.  I've noticed a huge difference in service over the past year or so.

I am feeling great today, and happy as the proverbial lark!  I just love days like this.     



  1. The DVD's sound very interesting I will look into them.

    It is so nice to read about your being upbeat, happy and feeling so much better. Keep smiling and the world smiles with you. :)or something like that

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  3. Gypsy, you sound invigorated today--as if you're getting back to your old self.

  4. It is not often you will find an installer leaving you their cell number much less their supervisor's.

    Interested in your review of the VCR to DVD software when you have a chance to transfer your tapes.

    So good to hear you are doing so well.

  5. We use Verizon for all our mobile devises. In fact, I am sitting at a State Park right now using a Verizon Hot Spot that my wife and I can share at the same time on different computers or tablets. Isn't this electronic age wonderful, sometimes?

  6. If you plan to travel, you might want to rethink signing up long term with a vendor other than Verizon. Alternatively, you could get a Millenicom unit to use with your computer. They are $60.-$70. a month for 20 GB. I don't know how that compares to what you are paying for Verizon's data plan, but you could turn off the data plan completely from your cell phone and use the Millenicom plan.

    Virtual hugs,


  7. So great to hear you sounding so happy. I want to know what this thing is you've got to change VHS to DVD. I have a ton of tapes I'd love to turn into DVDs. Where do I get one. Heck I still have 8mm movies I need to put on DVD. Now that will be interesting to say the least.