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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hiking Shoes?

I am wearing both of them right now and consider keeping them for another few days, which should be ok if I limit them to inside the house.  I tried them again with a thicker pair of socks, as well as not tightening the top lace as much as I would normally do.  They aren't rubbing my ankle, but the shoe feels loose when I don't tighten it.  I'll see what happens.  

I dust mopped the floors today using Endust, and it works wonders!  I even dusted the TV and stand, to make ready for next Tuesday when AT&T is coming to hook me up.  A young woman appeared at my door yesterday canvassing for new customers, and she hit me at the perfect time I guess.  I've been looking at all the ads that I get in the mail, plus searching the internet for a TV provider than doesn't require a contract.  I'm assured that I will lock in the price for 12 months but can discontinue at any time.  Fair enough.  At least I get a ton of channels, and none of the crap like "Well if you want NatGeo you have to buy the next package up."  And when my Verizon contract is up in June I might just try AT&T for internet.  I have 6 days left for the month with Verizon, and .5GB left.  I usually have a lot more than that left over at this point in the billing cycle, but the little videos (2 or 3 minutes) have killed me this month.

I've been thinking of how I can get myself unhooked from spending so much time online - that just gets a person in trouble because you can always find something you want to buy, as well as YouTube and other videos to watch.  With better weather ahead (I sure hope) I will no doubt be using less internet and won't be watching as much TV as I would in the dead of winter.  

I'm ready for Straw Hat Pizza and beer this evening!  Jeannie and Donald are picking me up early because they want to go to REI.  I will never turn down a chance to go to REI, although it's dangerous for me right now because there are so many items I want for the upcoming hiking/camping season.

Thanks to everyone who made suggestions about where I could find Endust.  It is ironic that I found a can in the grocery I do much of my shopping in.  I guess part of the problem is that I cruise the perimeter of the store, avoiding most of the highly processed stuff in the aisles, and I rarely buy cleaning supplies at the grocery anyway.  Much too expensive for one thing.  But I had looked there more than once for the Endust, and I'm just glad to have it now.

I have been feeling so good lately and just can't get enough food!  I'm anxious to fill out my saggy and sunken in frame!  Won't be long now.

If I remember I will take a couple of photos at Straw Hat, but I'll post them tomorrow.  Here's to pizza and beer!  I hope they have Shock Top on draft this evening cuz I'm ready for one.


  1. Hope you get the shoes broke in and not have to return them. Are you sure you got them on the right foot :-) Don't drink too much of that beer, you may get a beer belly. . . beer never made me fat and at one time in my life I dank a lot of it.

  2. It's funny that I don't really surf the net and never watch utube. but I do spend a lot of time writing the blog and commenting on others blogs and doing my banking and bill paying and email. So I too feel like I'm on this laptop WAY too much.

  3. It's so fun to read that you are hungry. It's about time. Here's hoping those boots work out for you. Hope the pizza and beer were as good as you thought they would be.

  4. Are you still drinking the Ensure? And don't forget you had been really ill. So eat well and be happy.

    Hope you can break in the boots. I too need to find some good sneakers or half boot for the up coming season.

    Hope the Pizza and beer were well worth the wait.

  5. I've been happy with AT&T for a bunch of years ... so hoping yours is will be as good as mine has been ... ;)

    at last.. spring time seems to be on the horizon... yay!