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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dental work-first round

I really like this dentist and am so glad I selected him to do my dental work.  Jeannie & her family have been patients there for years, and Donald has wowed the entire office with a cake he made for the Office Manager.  So when Joe walked in with me this morning and I introduced him, he was immediately accepted into the fold.  They all declared he and Jeannie had the same smile!

I had the first part of the root canal, and will have to say root canals have changed since my last one.  I had taken a Valium (first one I ever took), and rather than make me loopy it just made me relaxed, although I know I wouldn't want to drive until it wears off.  Hopefully that is before long because I need a few items from the grocery.  The work today took 2-1/2 hours and I didn't feel the slightest pain.

On the other side of my mouth is a tooth that needs attention because every time I drink anything cold it just about drives me up the wall.  I'm learning to keep cold liquids on the other side of my mouth.  The dentist wants to take care of that problem next time, before putting the crown on the root canal.  

Now the trick will be to try to ingest 2000+ calories of soft food a day!  I plan to go up to 3 Ensures a day to help the count, but I need some solid food as well.  I will do whatever it takes as I am determined to get all this dental work taken care of, which should improve my heart, arteries, health, etc. tremendously.  And I WILL gain weight.  I just need to be patient enough to accept a small gain at a time.

Yesterday morning Donald drove me to Home Depot to get a 5 gallon can of roof sealant (which I don't think I could even lift off the ground).  Then Joe came over and caulked some seams where the caulking had come out, and then rolled on the sealant.  Two of the granddaughters who are not in school were here all day, and the two in school joined them afterward.  My best kiddie snacks were gobbled up in an instant, requiring another trip to Costco in the near future.  I was worn out completely just from being around active little kids for a few hours, although I love it.  I managed to retain enough energy to get myself to the gym in the evening, which is no doubt one reason I'm feeling so positive today.

I didn't get much done in the way of reading blogs yesterday and have been scrambling this morning to try to catch up.  I'm trying my best.

The forecast is showing rain expected for the next 3 days, and I hope we get every drop of it.  At least I'll know if my roof is any better  


  1. Glad your dental work was completed and you have no side effects.

  2. need to gooooooo but toooooo scared and embarrassed ..... such a sissy wimp ... glad you like Ensure ...

  3. That sounds like how a dental visit should go:) Glad it all went well!

  4. I agree that dentistry has improved a lot in recent years. Glad yours is going so well. I love hearing you so up beat and in control of things. It's that exercise I'll bet but going to the gym after hours of 4 grandchildren is quite a feat it seems to me.

  5. good dentist's are hard to come by so glad you have one and it was pretty much pain free.

    Maybe if you get some rain we will be next we sure need it too.

  6. So glad to hear your dental visit was painless.

    You sound so full of energy. No doubt the exercising is playing a big part in that.

  7. There are two people who are worth their weight in gold, a good dentist and a good hair cutter. Well, I guess three - a good spouse, but I have problems in that area. LOL I'm so glad you liked your dentist, and if I ever need a root canal, I'll remember what you said about them and not be too worried. :)