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Saturday, February 22, 2014

No cooking tonight!

Some years ago my 3 kids in Sacramento began to take turns once a month in hosting a dinner for the others.  It is usually elaborate and very tasty, and often follows a theme.  They haven't done it for a while because of the holidays, birthdays, etc., but this evening Joe and Sarah are hosting the dinner.  Luckily for me they live about a mile from my house so it will be an easy drive over and even back after dark.

I need to stop by a liquor store on the way and buy a couple of quarts of beer - all I have in the fridge are 3 non-alcoholic beers that have been sitting there from back in November.  Maybe I'll start off with those and then get to the stronger stuff.  To tell the truth, I know I'll enjoy it when I'm drinking it but it no longer makes a difference to me if I have it or not.

To add to my problems I think I'm developing a hernia at the site of my recent surgery - I guess that's an umbilical hernia.  I will be seeing my dr. around the middle of March and will ask her about it.  I hope the exercising that I'm doing isn't affecting it.

I could use a nap right now but should have done it earlier.  Now is too late as I'll be leaving soon.  I'll take my camera if I can remember it.



  1. Any night you don't have to cook is a good night and even better when it's with family.

  2. yay! no cooking ... however, that's my norm... ha

  3. Have a great time at your dinner party.

    I hope you do not have a hernia but if you do...at least you have health insurance.

  4. Hope dinner was wonderful,, your kids seem to all be excellent chefs

  5. I think it is just so wonderful that your kids all get together so often and enjoy each other so much. So many families bicker and don't get along. You did good mom!

  6. Hey Girl if you see anything wrong with your incision or near that site I would not wait too long on getting back to the Dr... And ye having 4 boys one 4 blocks from me and one about 3 miles I'm pretty lucky also.