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Friday, February 21, 2014

Need to organize

I was just looking for a couple of travel books and maps, and found everything from my trip last autumn when I returned from NY.  I wasn't feeling well and just left everything in my "catch-all" room in no particular order.  That is going to be a goal of mine over the next week or so, to organize all that stuff.  I need a new bookshelf also as the one I have is crammed with books and papers, with CD's and some maps shoved into the space beneath the bottom shelf.  How did I ever let it get this bad, and to make it worse, I have to step over my camping gear to get to anything in the room.  I'd take a picture of it but if I posted it no one would ever read my blog again!

I didn't get to the gym last night because Jeannie didn't get away from work until quite late.  She sounded so tired when she called me that I told her we should just skip it, so we're hoping to go tonight.  I've been doing squats at home every day because I look so dorky doing them I don't want to embarrass myself in public at the gym.  They are supposed to make your butt bigger, or maybe more defined would be the proper way of putting it.  I keep checking, ever hopeful!  Squats are also great leg strengtheners for when I get out on the trail.

The only problem with trying to gain weight is that I'm also getting a big belly.  I googled online to see if one can gain weight and at the same time lose the belly.  The answer was "NO!".  So I guess I am stuck with it for a while.  Sometimes I think I am too damn old to be dealing with this stuff.

I looked at the 2nd DVD in the Road Trip Across America series; it is entitled "Texas to Yellowstone" but actually covers a lot more than the title would indicate.  It starts out in Iowa, through Missouri and into Arkansas, then to Texas and northward, to Glacier, back over to the SD Badlands and back into Montana.  I get a little dizzy when they start a new leg of the trip because the route seems out of order, but the scenery is really awesome.  Some folks think this word is overused and I agree, but the scenery does inspire awe.  I'm so glad I got these DVD's plus the extra three I picked up at the library - all part of a Readers' Digest series.  They sure trump anything I've seen on TV so far.

A couple of days ago I mentioned watching Ghost Busters, but I wasn't referring to the movie with Bill Murray (although I did see that movie and liked it).  The TV show I watched was where the ghost hunters (TAPS) go to check out reported hauntings of old buildings - inns, theaters, old prisons and hospitals, etc.  It's on the SYFY channel.

I think about taking a quick nap, but lately I can't fall asleep in the middle of the day.  Maybe that's because I have more energy?  Not all that much more, but enough to prevent napping.  No fair!  


  1. Once you get the weight back on, if you figure out how to get rid of the belly please let me know. Wish I had a library to get those videos from......well it should say I wish I had a library from which to get those videos but that sounds awkward these days even though it is correct. LOL

  2. I have seen that ghost hunter show a couple of times and thought it was a stretch of the imagination to say a ghost was haunting places. Some of the shows were more believable than others. I liked the one about Tombstone, AZ and the OK coral ghosts. Of course I am a big western movie and TV show fan.

  3. I love the Ghost Hunters. They make it interesting and they try to debunk things and usually they can do that. Now those 3 goof balls on the Travel channel I can watch that nonsense at all.

    Hope you can get your room cleaned up then can you come help me?

  4. On a tv show today they had the woman who was voted to have the best butt on the internet. She showed the ladies what she did, and it was squats! But, I'll tell you, she had a great figure, but a HUGE butt. Geez. WAAAAY too big for my taste, and just didn't fit with the rest of her. Anyway, you're right on, I guess, but don't overdo it, or you'll have a very large butt!! :)))

  5. I wish I could get organized as well. I have my camping gear in different places and it is a mess.

    Wish I could do squats maybe that is what I need to strengthen my legs and get rid of leg pain?