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Monday, February 10, 2014

A nap works wonders!

After I ate lunch today I succumbed to the comforts of the couch and a warm blanket.  The sun has been shining most of the day and it makes such a difference.  Another day and I'll be ready for more rain!

I wanted something sweet when I woke up and hit my stash of ice cream - a container of chocolate and one of vanilla bean.  I have let myself go and just eat it straight out of the carton.  My kids used to laugh at their dad when he did that, but now that I live alone I ask myself why should I dirty a bowl when I only want a few spoons of it.  I'll just make sure the kids don't see me do it.

I've decided I'm ready for pizza and beer, and I think we will go to Straw Hat Pizza on Saturday evening.  I'll just have to watch my beer intake because I don't want to go back to having leg cramps.  I haven't had them since back in November when I stopped all alcoholic beverages prior to the ERCP's and surgery.  I still don't really have a taste for beer except some good draft along with a pizza is starting to sound good.

My legs hurt today, especially the calves and quadriceps.  I want to strengthen them so I can hike this spring and really worked hard at it last night at the gym.  It's a good hurt though and will go away about the time I go back for another workout tomorrow.  

I don't know why, but since my surgery and problems afterwards I can't seem to work with free weights or any of the machines that work the upper body.  I just have no strength.  Last night two women were in the free weight section for quite a while - both dressed to show off their muscles which rippled every time they lifted a weight.  I took a seat in another area where I could see when they left.  I'd look plumb pitiful next to them and I wasn't even going to go near while they were there.  I have such a long way to get back to where I was pre-surgery, and I have no idea how long it will take me.  It was disappointing to step on the scale and find I didn't gain an ounce in the last week.

I'm waiting for my new trail walkers from LLBean, which were estimated to arrive tomorrow (Tuesday), and they aren't going to get them to me one day in advance if they can help it.  Delivery is by UPS and I would take USPS any day.  I'm tracking the package which sat in Salt Lake City the entire weekend.  USPS may not deliver on weekends, but they don't seem to stop moving the mail.  I just hope the shoes fit - I hate ordering anything like that online because you have no idea how the fit is going to be.  That is why I prefer to buy in a local store where I can examine the look, feel, and fit of any item.  The shoes I ordered look great from the picture and description, and they were well discounted.  I will just return them if I'm not satisfied.

This is the few minutes of the day when the sun shines through my front door and shows every piece of dust, lint, etc. on my floors.  I will run the dust mop over it although it seems to scatter a lot of it.  I need to find Endust - the product I used waaaay back to keep the dust from just bouncing around.  It's hard to find although the website says it is carried by Target, Walmart, etc.  I sure haven't been able to find it.  That will give me something to do tomorrow.



  1. yeah... be kinda iffy ordering shoes online ~ especially with my old feet.. I can wear anything from an 8 to a 10 ... if it weren't for m'toes, I'd wear a 6!

    Sunshine really does make such a difference ... I have never had upper arm strength ... and it pisses me off. It's getting to where I can't open a jar with a jar opener! drives me insane...I really think that their putting tops on stuff much much tighter than they used to ... I really do.

    and well, if the sun shines through only for a minutes on yer dirt.. just look up ... not down.. ha

  2. I could never order shoes on line. I try them on and walk around the store they feel good I buy them and then can't wear them. What a pain. I did find some great sandel type shoes at Big 5 last year they are boys and they fit and are so comfy. Need to buy more soon.
    I have seen the endust in a number of stores here mostly Walmart.

  3. I'm with Carolyn. My upper body strength is about useless. Love that good ole sunshine. But I'm still hoping you guys get some more rain - but the slow soaking kind.

  4. I put in "trail walkers" in LLBean's search and got "no results". What did you order?

  5. Sorry Nancy, I ordered this:

    Trail Model Hiker
    Waterproof II Low Women's
    Qty: 1
    Item: TC258485
    Color/Style: Graphite/Pewter

    I called them Trail Walkers when I should have written Trail Hikers!

  6. Darn...you made me hungry! I love ice cream, pizza and beer :D

    My upper body strength seems to get less each passing year all due to my back problems.

    I dread the day I can no longer go camping because I can not set up my tent :(

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  8. My comment posted twice so I deleted it. I think I need a new mouse as this one is acting up :(

    I don't usually take a nap but today I unwittingly took one as I was watching the evening news.

    I hope I am not getting sick as I have been going to bed early, sleeping late and taking naps!

  9. I remember Endust. My Mother used to spray me with it when I came in the house after playing outside:)) And I'm an ice cream carton scooper as well for the very same logical reason you are. We're quite a pair........

  10. Ice Cream is a health food. Why do I say that? Because when I eat it, it makes me feel oh so gooooood.