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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I had dinner with Jeannie & family last night.  Donald made lasagna, with home made sauce and home made lasagna noodles!  If you ever taste fresh pasta you can immediately tell the difference between it and that dried stuff.  Great texture and great flavor.

Jeannie and I went to the gym later.  I was looking forward to moving my workout up a notch but the place was crawling with young guys - late teens and early twenties mostly, and on up although I only saw 1 or 2 geezers all evening.  You had to be careful with all those young guys hanging about - slipping on all the testosterone could result in a nasty fall.  It's comical to watch - the old guys just do their workouts, but the young ones are constantly flexing and looking around to make sure they are being noticed.  I hope this doesn't become a regular thing.

This morning my breakfast didn't sit too well for some reason, but I was okay to go get my hair cut just before Noon.  I was really looking like a sheep dog lately.

My granddaughter, Autumn, is selling girl scout cookies.  I haven't had anyone to buy them from for years, so I ordered plenty.  I love the shortbread, formerly known as Scot Teas, and got a couple of boxes of those.  Also ordered a cookie that sounds like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.  I may decide I will need more shortbread on hand and up that order before it goes in.

I have an appointment with the dentist on Thursday, and I'm hoping that getting up to date on dental work will help me start feeling better.


  1. I loved the comment about slipping on the testosterone. Tag-alongs (the peanut butter/chocolate) are my favorite cookie with the shortbread the second favorite. Jim likes the mint. Think we need to go find us a girl scout.

  2. haaaa slipping on testosterone.. yep and the girls with their french cut outfits... that is why I go to the local senior center ... lotsa old testosterone and estrogen ... some sag more than others ... I cover my sags up .. well, the best I can

  3. I'm not a big cookie eater, but Tag-alongs are about my favorites in non-homemade cookies. Haven't run into a Girl Scout in years, however.

    Rub some of that testosterone on! It might help. ;)

  4. My dad used to make home pasta and yes it is so much better and the flavor is just great. Plus he made the bread and the sauce too.
    I sure miss him and his cooking.
    You gym experiences is funny.

  5. Oh yum. Home made pasta is fabulous. I used to make it. Draped noodles over wooden chair backs to dry. I do miss all the homemade I did. Nothing like it. What were those cookies with coconut called? They were my favorites. Glad the scouts are still selling. I never see them any more- scouts or the cookies.

  6. I thought Girl Guide cookies were a long gone thing of the past as well. Wasn't even sure if there were Girl Guides anymore. I wonder about Cubs & Scouts. I was both once but don't remember having to sell anything. The Girls always had the cookie thing going on..........

  7. ahhhhh I think they call those guys "LUNKS" on the Planet Fitness commercials... heh heh

    I am a "Samoa" girl scout cookie aficionado, but Steveio likes the Thin Mints.

    Karen and Steve
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