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Friday, February 7, 2014

Staying dry indoors!

I made a quick trip to Costco's pharmacy this morning, intending to go to the grocery afterwards.  It started to rain in earnest as I came out of Costco and in just two blocks I revised my plans.  Came home and tried to stay warm the rest of the day.  I could eat for at least a month with all the food in my cupboards and freezer.

I wanted to respond to a few of the comments yesterday:  Craig, I wish I could get my dental work done in Algodones.  Since I don't have an RV and thus no place to stay while undergoing dental work, plus the distance between Sacramento and Algodones, I doubt if my net savings would be as much as if I was a snowbird wintering in Arizona or nearby.

Judilyn:  I didn't take a picture of the soup since I don't do food presentations - just slap it in a bowl or on a plate and dig in.  The soup was good, and I finished it today.  A little on the salty side - I added some salt before I remembered I was also using "Better Than Bullion", a bullion type paste that already has salt in it.

WaianaeGal:  Thanks for your comment.  I looked for your current blog but it seems that you haven't posted recently.

Sorry I'm not consistent about responding to comments.  If your comment has your email info I will often reply in that form.  So many comments are "No-reply" and I can't write you.  (I get all comments in email form, plus they appear on my blog.  I eventually delete the emails but the comments remain on my blog permanently.)

While at the library earlier this week I picked up a Rick Steves DVD - Travels in England and Wales.  I've never had much desire to spend time in England or Wales, although I think I would enjoy the northern part of the country.  I would just have to stay away from places like London - just too darn big to suit me!  I decided several years ago that I don't ever want to leave the U.S. again, although I would consider Mexico and Canada - we are all "America" after all - North America.   


  1. At least you are getting rain. we had a light rain last night but not much more than that. Did have some sunshine today.

  2. Rain is a good thing even if it does keep you inside and miserably cold. Other than Algodones, I don't think I'll ever get Jim anywhere out of the country America or not.

  3. Seems to be rainy, cool weather a lot of places. As far as leaving the country, I have been in Canada several times, but from now on I will just stay in the lower 48 states. There is so much I haven't seen here in this county, why travel elsewhere?

  4. I'm looking forward to shopping in a Costco while I'm in San Diego next week. I think they have artichokes this time of year, and if so, I plan to get a big bag of them. And maybe other things, too, but usually their size is too big for my storage. I'll make adjustments for those artichokes, though. :)

  5. 3" of snow in an hour here! I'm been bitching and moaning and groaning on all blogs that have just updated .... ;)


    nah ... I have no desire to travel anywhere any longer except close by... too old to put up with the hassles.. ain't that a shame? aw... remember Fats Domino?

    All of the above is subject to change within a heartbeat.. lol?

  6. So glad to hear you all are getting some rain. We need it badly in West Texas.

    Would kill to have a COSTCO anywhere near Del Rio. That is the only downside to living in a small town...no big name stores or warehouses.

  7. For some unknown reason I have never had much of a desire to travel abroad. Quite content to stay right here on this huge North American continent. I understand the language, love the scenery, am familiar with the food, & am for the most part comfortable with the culture. Maybe you could send some of that rain our way. I'd love to see our Sonoran Desert bloom & begin to take on it's many Spring colors.