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Monday, February 3, 2014

Mostly about food

I've been feeling pretty good lately, and my appetite is much better.  Last night before I went to bed (about 11 pm) I decided on the spur of the moment I wanted a ham sandwich.  Thought it might keep me from falling asleep, but it was delicious and I was soon in dreamland.

This morning I made blueberry muffins, this time with unbleached white flour (as opposed to unbleached white whole wheat flour).  The texture of the muffins was much more to my liking, and I added just a bit more sugar as well.  The recipe says to thaw the blueberries and drain well, but I just threw them into the batter right out of the freezer and the muffins were perfect.  I made 9 muffins and now there are 4 left.  Every time I walk into the kitchen and see them sitting there ...

I decided to try the fried avocado slices for my lunch.  The instructions call for an unripe avocado, which is difficult to work with, at least to me.  I finally got it cut and pried apart and the seed out.  I sliced it but the difficult part was removing the peel, which is not so difficult with a ripe avocado.  The results turned out pretty good, and may have been better if I'd had something to dip them into.  I normally don't do dips so I enjoyed eating it just as is.  I had some egg left over after dipping the slices, and fried and ate it as well.  Will I do it again?  I'm not sure as the prep time and effort is a lot for just one person, and I'm very much into EASY these days!  I thank Nancy for the link, and would love to hear from any readers who have tried this recipe.

I didn't set out to write a food blog today but it looks like I have done it anyway.  At nearly 2pm I'm still not dressed - this is becoming a habit.  I will need to get ready for the gym this evening, so I may as well enjoy being lazy until then.

At 54 degrees with bright sunshine, the inside of my house is so cold I have my little heater on.  It's not going to get much warmer today or the rest of the week, and it looks like we could have a couple of days of rain.  

The attack on a man in southern CA by a mountain lion leaves me wondering about hiking and camping this summer.  I normally tent in federal or state campgrounds, and I think a can of bear spray will definitely be among my supplies.  I'm probably over-worried about it but it takes some of the fun out of planning some outings in the spring. 


  1. I just love raw avocadoes, eat them with just a little salt and sometimes I like to add shopped onions.

  2. We hope to meet up with you this summer. We'll be going to some of the parks in your area. I'll keep you posted.

    I'm so glad you're feeling better.

  3. Yeah!! You have an appetite. That is great. But you still have more will power than I do if you still have all those muffins sitting there.

  4. The muffins sound so good. At least your enjoying your food again. It just takes a little longer to heal but you seem to be on your way. So happy for you.

    We seem to be having the same weather here. It is really cold tonight and will only be in the 50's tomorrow but hopefully sunny.

  5. This is what I carry when I'm hiking north of Weston CO. http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2012/05/jim-barrett/gun-review-smith-and-wesson-629-44-magnum-revolver/
    There are elk, cats and bears there.

  6. Forgot to thank you for the avacado report.

  7. Just wanted to say goodnight and tickled shitless that you're eating. I couldn't fill me up today... all that energy waiting to hear about m'kids... you did see that Stephanie is in? she starts tomorrow...

    this made me want maple pecan fudge. but I didn't ... I did have an avocado smushed with Pace Picante medium sauce ... cheddar cheese on blue corn organic chips...

    and honey nut cheerios... sigh

    and yeah... there were a lot of places of I went last year that had panther signs up... panthers? I don't have time

  8. So glad to hear your appetite is improving. Now just don't exercise off all the weight you might be gaining. :-) I hadn't heard about the panther attack. I guess I'd better look it up if I want to know how badly the man was hurt and if the cat was killed.

  9. Hmmm never had a fried avocado before.. I love avocados though. Tonight I had extra helpings of guacamole at the mexican restaurant near here. Steve don't like it so I got it ALL!

    Karen and Steve
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  10. Glad you're eating again - and it all sounds delicious! Especially the muffins. :)

  11. If you want a simple dip, try looking in a Hispanic grocery for creama. May not have it spell right. It is like sour cream, but it isn't sour. You may know it from El Salvador. Part of tipico breakfast and dinner in Honduras. Friends found it here for me and I love it. I like to eat it on the same plate as refried beans, and I kind of 'dip' the beans in with each forkfull. Also good with eggs. Or probably avacados. :)