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Saturday, February 8, 2014

And the rain continjues

Our local news this morning reported our rainfall this season was only at 16% of normal, but the current rains will bring that number up to 20%.  Maybe we will get lucky and have our regular rainy season now.  I'd just like to get it over with!

Bloggers have been posting their beautiful snow pictures, but all I can do is take a picture of the rain.  (Click on picture to enlarge it).  This was taken through the glass door as there is no way I would go out on the damp chilly porch.

I doubt I'll be buying a lot more avocados in the future.  I think the taste is just so-so, but my main problem with them is that they are messy.  I look at a sandwich as an easy-to-fix, easy-to-eat quick meal.  If I want something more elaborate I'd rather get it in a restaurant, (and I rarely go to restaurants).  I made an egg sandwich for lunch and added half an avocado, sliced, and it was pretty good although the avocado kept trying to squeeze out.

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I bought a pair of Fila Lightweight running shoes at Costco for $20.  So far I really like them but I don't think they would feel nearly as good if I hadn't put the Superfeet insoles in them.  

I also ordered a pair of trail walkers from LLBean last week and should be getting them on Monday or Tuesday.  I had thought I'd buy a new pair of hiking boots, but I think I'll try the lighter weight trail runners which should be good for any hiking I'll be doing.  It might make a difference if I planned to do any long (or even medium) distance backpacking, but I think realistically that those days are over for me.

I'll continue to set up my big tent and just deal with the bad zippers when I plan to stay in place for multiple days, but I need a new smaller tent for when I'm planning on one night stops.  I sure wish there was a way to set up my old backpacking tent (photos shown in last summer's blogs) that would stretch out the saggy walls.  I love that tent and will never find one I like better.

I finally got through all the Rick Steves DVD of travel in England and Wales.  It was pretty interesting, and what I like very much about most of Europe is that they don't just bulldoze old buildings every few decades, but they continue to use them for centuries.  I'm sure that's a testament to how well they were constructed to begin with, but also the modernization that has been done without sacrificing the original style.

I hope I can find some more DVD's of interest in the non-fiction section, but there won't be many.  I just don't care for movies so I don't even look in the fiction section.

As cold as I am I just sat here and ate half a pint of Hagen Dazs vanilla ice cream with lots of dark chocolate covered almonds in it.   I can't believe how many calories it must have been!



  1. You, Jim, and ice cream. LOL He's been pretty good about using sugar free but every so often he sneaks in that Hagen Daas but he likes the coffee flavor. Wish I could wear some walking shoes. Stupid ankle.

  2. Seems every body has either rain or snow. I know we sure have. It has been at every place we've been for the past month. Ice cream - you bettcha! Yum!! LL Bean makes great boots. David's lasted over 20 years and he should have sent them back for repair.

  3. Library members can request items online from the Sacramento Library ~ search the catalogue, find the dvd that you are interested in, and they will send that item to the branch that you frequent. If the dvds are not available, you can still request them, and you will be contacted when they arrive at your branch.

    Here are a few examples - click link
    America's Most Scenic Drives

    Great Plains [videorecording] : America's lingering wild

    Australia's first 4 billion years

    If you're not sure which is the best way to search their catalogue, eg. camping, travel, documentary dvds, consider asking then to show you when you next visit our branch. Hope this is helpful. I use this method through my online library, and always have a list of items that gradually come in as they become available.


  4. Correction to my comment above: consider asking them to show you when you next visit your branch

    ;) Liz

  5. If you find sliced avocados too messy just mash them and spread it on the bread, then add a bit of salt and pepper.

    Have you had avocado pie? Wonderful stuff!

    Store bought graham cracker crust
    3 medium avocados
    1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
    1 can Eagle brand condensed milk
    whipped cream (canned is fine)
    chopped walnuts

    Cream avocados, lemon juice and condensed milk. Pour in pie shell and refrigerate until firm. Top with about 1/4 inch of whipped cream spread smooth, then sprinkle chopped nuts over the top.

    VERY good. Rich, so cut small slices.

  6. If you are having difficulty with excess prep time for an avocado, you may be trying to consume them too early in the ripening process. When they are "ready", the peel comes right off. I cut them into quarters, grab one end of the peel, and pull straight down. Zip! It's off! I smoosh them onto toast (or toast with cheese melted on it) for a really energizing meal. I usually eat half an avocado, a slice or two (depending on size) of toast, and a bowl of some kind of hearty soup.

    Virtual hugs,