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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

An Alaska Trip Report Caught my Eye

I think I was browsing a website called "VanDweller Community Forums", which is now called something like "Cheap RV Living", and came across a journal written by a woman from Australia, a self-described "septegenarian" (isn't that in the 70's?).  She flew to the U.S. in 2012 (not for the first time) and visited with her kids located here.  She also bought a used Ford Van which she was able to overnight in, and drove to Alaska.  Not only did she drive to Alaska - all the way past the Arctic Circle, but she did it solo and in the spring.  The weather didn't seem to give her any problems but then she seems flexible enough to deal with anything.

I'm posting the link to her journal in case anyone would like to read it.  It is rather lengthy, but you can stop at just about any point, and her entries are interspersed with comments from those who were following along in real time with her travels.  After leaving Alaska she drove just about all around the country, criss-crossing it in unbelievable ways.  Total miles driven were just about 26k, and at the end she posts a breakdown of total costs.  I like the idea of being able to stay overnight at a truck stop for free, although I do love the National Park and Forest campgrounds.  She alternated between campgrounds, truck stops and some stealth camping, plus motels along the way.  I would dearly love to drive to Alaska and I'm fascinated at how gutsy this woman is to have done it all on her own.  I've received a comment that the link doesn't work, but you can copy & paste.  I've tried to redo the link, and I'm hoping it is now ok.

  Not everyone would be interested in this type of travel, but it is right down my alley!  

On an entirely different note, I was in Costco yesterday and bought a pair of Fila light weight running shoes for $19.99!  I took the Superfeet insoles out of my old shoes (I had just replaced them with a new pair) and now the new shoes are really comfy.  Superfeet are a wonderful addition to any sort of athletic or hiking footwear, but they are expensive at around $45-50 a pair.

I'd love to spend the rest of the day researching the drive to Alaska, but I won't do it because I could never afford the fuel, food, etc., to make that trip.


  1. I enjoyed reading part of her journal, and it brought back fond memories of my trip to Alaska.

  2. Great journal... here's another you might enjoy ... it goes from her selling her house .. her questions, her family ....

    this starts in January, 2010 but her journey to the Arctic Circle and buying an RV ... taking lessons and even learning how to work on one ... is fascinating.

    she no longer blogs but ... I tell you she is responsible for a lot of solo women travelers...


  3. Sometimes just dreaming about an adventure is a lot of fun on its own;)

  4. We dream about Alaska but it isn't going to happen for us because we can't afford it either. So I enjoy traveling along with anyone else who is making the journey.

  5. Thank you for the link I couldn't get it to work but I will do a cut and past later. My big dream is to travel to Alaska but like the others money would be the down point.

  6. I read the whole article. Really enjoyed it. Since I will never do something like this I lived the experience vicariously through her. Thanks for the link.

  7. Thanks for posting the link. What a role model she is for all of us as we age. I think you would like this mode of travel wherever you are going. I haven't heard anyone I've spoken with who has been to Alaska say that it is impossibly expensive. They have said that they saved a bit before hand by boondocking so they could afford the campgrounds but that gas wasn't more expensive since the pipeline is up there. But who knows until you really do it.

  8. Thanks for the Alaska blog link. That is one trip that has crossed my mind however not going so early in the season would be a change I would need to make.
    Yes the rain in NoCal is very welcomed. I'm just up the hill from you in Shingle Springs, dog sitting for my sons.
    Have a good weekend, the soup sounded good.