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Friday, April 2, 2010

Well, it's a start

I officially moved into my apartment yesterday. I haven't rented one for some time, and can't believe all the legalese stuff you have to go through. It's about as bad as closing on a house. I had tons of pages to scan and initial or sign. But I got that done and did a walk through - there are a couple things that still need fixing and I hope they take care of them quickly.

Jeannie helped me put all the kitchen items away. I still have a few empty cabinets and drawers, but will probably fill them up soon enough. Steve brought over the couch, chair and a coffee table; Jeannie & Donald brought a desk and chest of drawers that had belonged to my ex husband, and Joe & Sarah came to help. That meant two little girls and two baby girls in this tiny apartment, which I hope didn't bother my neighbors too much.

I waited and waited all afternoon and evening for the delivery of mattress and springs. At one point the woman who sold me the set called to say the delivery folks had gotten delayed in Davis and would be an hour late. They never did get here. Fortunately I had the couch to sleep on, and just threw the mattress pad and comforter on it. Not the best night sleep I've ever had but I feel surprisingly good this morning and my back doesn't hurt. Lady doesn't know what to make of it all.

I think I found an RV storage nearby, although it is not a covered space nor do they provide electricity. I need to go see them about it today but have tried to get the mattress people to urge them to get the set to me 1st thing. No luck so far.

Cell phone coverage here is pretty bad, and I will look into a land phone line plus broadband. Right now I'm using the antenna plus aircard and found a spot in the living room where it works fairly well. Unfortunately it isn't a spot where I would want to set up permanently.

I still have to make many trips to the RV - so far don't have any of my clothes here. I can still get things when it is in storage I guess, but I'd sure like to make a trip or two today. One bad thing from yesterday is that when driving from Cal Expo to here I kept noticing something in my right eye - the one already operated on - I kept thinking my hair was hanging down in my field of vision, and then noticed I was seeing what looked like a smudge on my glasses now and then. I wasn't wearing glasses by the way. Not too sure what that is all about and I hope it goes away.

Nothing more to write just now, but I might post again later this evening. I've gotten over my panic and the need to get it all done in one day, and I'm just going to be content with doing what I can. If it was just up to me I could do a lot more but I don't like it when I have to wait on others, especially with deliveries. When I spend my cash on something major I think they could at least get it to me when promised.


  1. Hi Gypsy,

    If you get high speed internet, you may want to use Vonage for your phone. $24.99 per month and works very well.

  2. Glad to see you got moved in o.k. and are slowly starting to get settled in. Too bad about the mattress though, that is frustrating. If the government was delivering the mattress they'd be blamed as inefficient and useless. People often forget that even 'private enterprise' companies are often more inefficient and useless than any government agency! I guess that's why these wizards keep going bankrupt!

  3. Be careful with that "hair" thing in the eye. I had that and it's very important NOT to let that go. I had to lay on my back a few days without moving much and NO reading and NO computer. It's something like a break in the retina but not as severe. It can lead to blindness if you don't take care.

    Good luck getting the mattress, I hope you get it soon so you can lay down. Keep us posted.

  4. Mickey ( JB`S cousin )April 2, 2010 at 5:28 PM

    How about the magic jack sold at Staples, for 40.00 dollars then 19.95 a YEAR. We have it in Canada and Arizona. It plugs into your computer, phone line into magicjack and tada a phone that costs you what you pay for highspeed internet.You get to pick your area code, and they give you a number.

  5. Hi Gyspy,
    Glad to know that you are gradually getting settled in, even if you did have to sleep on the couch! The support the back of the couch gives you often helps.

    Frugal, as always, I have Skype. No monthly charges at all. It's free to talk to my brother in England, if we go through our computers.
    I don't let the phone company (landline) charge me for having access to their Long Distance.
    I have been using www.onesuite.com for several years now. I can call Long Distance for 2+ cents a minutes, even to England.
    Works for me.

    Gee, I hope your bed arrives soon.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  6. Good luck with your apartment Gypsy. It takes some time to be totally settled. Keep posting..

  7. Hi Gypsy, Good luck in your new home. You only have to stay there through the lease period. If you don't like it then you can move on to another. That is one of the benefits of renting (IMHO). If it becomes time to move on YOU don't have to try to sell something and stress out about that.

    I wish you all the best. You've made the right decision for you and that is all that matters. I am glad you are still blogging because there are a whole bunch of folks loving you!!!