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Friday, April 16, 2010

A Slight Setback?

I thought I was doing so well and really pushed my luck today. I noticed that I was back to blurry vision in my operative eye, but about half way through the day looked in a mirror and thought, holy moly, what a mess! My eye was blood red and I was just sick about it. I think I've been overdoing it and lifting cute little granddaughters when I shouldn't. So I will be taking it extra easy for the next few days - my eye looks a little better although the vision is still cloudy. Nothing like a giant scare to make one decide to live right.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, Friday, because in the late afternoon I and the whole family will know if I'm going to get a grandson or granddaughter. I just want a healthy one!

Since I've been at my daughter's house I've been using their internet - they have a router and I have a wireless card, and it is pure speed of light. I want it! I thought all bundles required you to get cable TV first in order to get decent internet, but this is AT&T which does offer a land phone and high speed internet. I think I will give them a call because I am wondering if you must get cable TV in order to get cable internet. High speed without cable might just be DSL. It is so nice to turn on the computer at any time and get an instant connection.

Steve has been sick this past week, but maybe next week we will be able to get some things accomplished at the RV. I hope we can get it to the point where we can take some pictures and post them.

Nothing else going on right now - just hoping I get some decent eyesight back soon. I talked to Steve today and mentioned that I don't remember being in much pain after last year's operation - he said "Oh yes you were in pain - you just took a vicodin and got drowsy and went back to sleep on the couch". So I guess my memory isn't as good as I thought it was. I will have to say in all honesty that the pain has been very annoying, but it certainly wasn't unbearable. If I were doing it tomorrow though, I would probably take something strong for pain that would make me sleep and forget!


  1. If I had that eye surgery I don't think I would be lifting anything heavier than half a cup of coffee.....carefully!!

  2. At the risk of sounding like a doting son or husband, you have to listen to Doctor's orders, Donna is the smae way always pushing the limits with her health, I hope you don't have anymore problems with the eye and I'm sure your Granddaughter will understand, Be safe out there . Sam & Donna

  3. Oh you take it easy there Gypsy! I helped my stubborn dad through two of these. NO lifting and NO dirt or dust.. stay outta the wind! (goofball dad went outside to rake leaves and scrubby grass in sandy soil on a windy day after he had his and had a big setback in healing too) behave yourself or someone is gonna have to come and tie you down to a chair!


    Karen and Steve
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  4. Just relax and take it easy, Gypsy - Dr.'s orders!! At least for a few days until your eye feels better.

    By the way, you can get a high-speed Internet connection from virtually any cable company without getting the TV portion. They just put a filter on the line to block out the TV channels. An Internet connection only runs about $40 a month. It's what I have at home, with a phone landline as well.

  5. Golly, Gypsy, You gotta take better care of yourself!
    You know NO lifting is the prescription after cataract surgery. Surely the kids will understand that it will hurt you to lift them right now?
    I hope you feel better soon.
    Happy Recovery, Penny, TX