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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Things are looking better

I was so glad to see the eye surgeon today. He is wonderful and inspires confidence and hope. According to him, my eye is fine although still a bit swollen. He gave me 3 different eye drops to use, and I will go back for my next follow up on June 10. As for driving, he thinks I can drive as soon as I feel confident about it, but to avoid night time driving. One thing I really like about him is that even when his waiting room is full, he will give you the time you need. So while I sometimes get aggravated at the long wait, I am grateful he doesn't rush me out. He has been doing eye surgery for 30 years, as his father did before him, and I couldn't feel any better about the care I'm getting. My visit today took a little over an hour, which is some kind of record for me.

I haven't heard from Steve today, so I don't know if the RV dealer ever showed up or if the couple who looked at the RV yesterday has called about it. With a purchase that major I would be surprised if they don't look around some and weigh their options carefully.

I put a lot of things away that I brought from the rig yesterday, but still have bags and boxes sitting around waiting for me to do something. Today was doctor day so I don't feel like doing much of anything else. I notice that I can deal with one major thing or outing each day, but let the rest go until tomorrow or next week! I definitely need a bookshelf and a small computer desk which would bring much needed order to the apartment.

I mailed off my volunteer agreement this morning, so Lassen will be waiting for me on July 1.


  1. Great news on your eyes, and just be patient with the trailer, Good things happen to Good people and you will have it sold soon and be looking for something to fit your amended travel needs. You ar right abpout taking a few days to make a major purchase decision, you have built it and they will come. Be Sfae , Sam & Donna.

  2. One major thing a day is the same for me,.. i get tired, and i'm just not interested in a lot of "hoopla" every day. We've earned the right to take it easy a bit. Good luck on the sale of the 5th,.. it will work out fine for you. I started my camping life in a truck camper and loved it.

  3. I'm so glad you're going to Lassen. I know by your descriptions you really love it. You know what to expect, so it will be an easier time this year. Good luck selling the 5er.