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Saturday, April 24, 2010

I've been domestic today

Every now and then even the worst housekeeper has to clean up a little, and I decided to start on it today. I've let things go since my surgery, but enough is enough. I didn't do the floors because I'm obeying the surgeon's orders not to bend or stoop down. I don't have a mop and always clean the kitchen and bathroom floors the old fashioned way - on my hands and knees.

Here is a photo of the kitchen.

I can't tell you how much I enjoy this kitchen. It's roomy enough to move around and prepare meals in, but it's still not overly big. The stove and refrigerator are space savers, and for once I can see the top of the fridge to know when it needs to be wiped off. I still have a few empty drawers and cabinets, but probably that won't last.

I think I've already posted pictures of the bedroom, and when I finally get the boxes emptied and disposed of that are sitting at the end of the couch, I'll take a picture of the living room. I do have just a little bit of pride, you know.

When I do any cleaning at all you know I am bored, and today is no exception. I can't stand not being able to drive, or rather, being cautious about driving. I need to go to the grocery, but I am going to wait until I can drive myself. Independence rocks, and I'm ready to start rockin' and rollin' again!


  1. Lovely kitchen! Thanks.
    Take it easy, you don't need any setbacks.
    Happy Recovery, Penny, TX

  2. Wow, what a great kitchen. Love that counter space!

    Glad you feel up to a little housework. I think I'd "play sick" for a few weeks to avoid that job! :)

  3. Very nice kitchen with lots of counter top. You'll love it. Please be careful.

  4. I agree, that's a great kitchen. I like the galley configuration. Glad that you're feeling good and the Lassen gig sounds great again, too! I sure hope your eye does well!

  5. Nice looking kitchen, Gypsy. It sure looks like you've got yourself a great little apartment there!

  6. Cozy kitchen & I do like cozy with everything at your fingertips. I have an 84 year old Aunt in Sarasota Florida who still does her floors the same way you do....on her hands & knees.

  7. Love the kitchen; if I ever have a stick house again I want a tiled counter top.

    I feel the same way about cleaning. I miss having someone come once a week to do my cleaning!

  8. So glad you came through your surgery ok. I love MahJong also and am not sure I will ever give it up. Have you ever looked at the little Casita RV's? Love your appartment. It looks mighty clean to me. I am so used to driving a big truck, not sure I could go back to an itsy car. Still hoping we will meet along the road someday. I have relatives in Roseville, so maybe we will meet out there somewhere. Take care and I hope your eye has a complete recovery.