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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The tables were turned

In my post yesterday I commented about traffic stopping for a rooster that was crossing the road. Well, today it happened to me, but I did see some humor in it. I just wanted to get to the bank quickly for a roll of quarters for the laundry. Going through the village I came across part of the flock - chickens, rooster, and some very young chickens milling about in the roadway. It's not like a dog who is intelligent enough (usually) to stay away from the moving wheels of a vehicle, but I'm not so sure about the intelligence of poultry. I inched out into the middle of the street and slowly made my way forward, staring down the chickens who were daring me to hit one. Driving back a few minutes later I had to go through the same drill. This flock OWNS Fair Oaks Village, I'll tell you!

I didn't get much accomplished today because of having so much laundry to do, and only one washer and one dryer at a time. I desperately need a haircut before I get mistaken for a sheepdog.

Many RVers, fulltimers as well as snowbirds, can relate to the thrill of getting mail. Mine is forwarded to me twice a month, and usually only includes bank and credit card statements, plus a couple of magazines, but I still get excited when the big envelope arrives. Now that I am in an apartment I can check the mailbox every day, although so far I've just received a welcome from SMUD, the electric provider. Yesterday, though, I had a big wad of JUNK MAIL! Boy, was I excited. There is a large trash bin by the mailboxes for the deposit of junk mail, but I took mine home to read every page of it. I'm sure I'll just trash it before long, but for now, it adds something to my day.

Lastly, I can say that the good night's sleep on my new mattress just gets better and better. I am completely pleased with it.

I will do my best to take photos tomorrow and post them in the blog.


  1. When we get home, I'm going to have 4 months worth of mail to sort through so by the time I do that I'll be no fan of junk mail!! Glad to hear you're liking your new bed. I guess you don't miss the nightly sounds of trains, planes and automobiles that are so frequent in many RV parks!!

  2. I'm a day late reading your blog. While you are waiting for the chicken to cross the road you might enjoy reading some of these: