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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One week today

I've come a little ways since my surgery last week. I tried really hard to stay quiet and not do anything today. Normally I enjoy being lazy as sin when I can get by with it, and more than once have gone an entire day without ever doing anything or even getting dressed. It's the enforced "being quiet" that I can't stand. But I tried, and all I really did was to get a few loads of wash done. The washer and dryer are just around the corner from my apartment so I didn't even have to walk very far.

The rains really came down heavily today but stopped this afternoon - still some dark clouds in the sky but the sun is shining outside my window. It wasn't easy picking up after the dog this morning in a downpour, because I had to set my umbrella down for a minute and worried about getting raindrops in my eye.

I'm so bored I'm making a pan of brownies now, and if I can't do anything else at least I can eat something yummy!


  1. It always seems to be that way. When you "have" to be good, it's almost impossible. When it's your own choice, you just enjoy every minute of it. Hang in there. This too will end.

  2. Brownies eh'......wonder how long it would take me to drive to California:))

  3. I agree with Al on the Brownies. Love love love them ☺ Soon you will be able to suit yourself doing nothing or being busy.