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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Universe is against me driving!

Early this morning when I took the dog out I found my truck was hemmed in by a large F-150 with double cab and huge tires. One of his (or her) tires was the width of one set of my duallies, and the truck sat up much higher off the ground. I admired it going and coming back, and came inside to eat my breakfast before driving to the grocery and my RV storage. It soon occurred to me I wasn't going anywhere as long as that truck was parked next to me. That space is usually empty and I have a difficult time backing up and pulling forward several times, but with a big vehicle parked on my bad side and me with no depth perception I decided not to try. Some force is against me!

This photo doesn't do the truck justice. It was gorgeous!

Jeannie drove over later on and took me to get groceries, but I am bound and determined to go to the RV storage tomorrow. We'll see what is thrown up to block my way.


  1. We pickup drivers can back into spots that we cannot pull forward into. It is my experience that pulling out when backed in is easier with my 2500HD 4X4. So I back into a lot of spots.

  2. Maybe you should listen to the universe??? :)

  3. I rarely pull into any parking spot even with the car. It is far easier to drive out of a tight spot than back out. Even in mall parking lots I will back in before pulling in. Yes, I've knocked down a few buildings & uprooted a some trees over the years but I still prefer backing in....

  4. I find backing into tight spots a lot easier too. Maybe it's just the "imps" trying to tell you not to be in such a hurry for your eye to heal?