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Friday, April 9, 2010

More of the same

Another trip to the RV today - I brought back quite a bit but there are still a lot of little things there I should just throw away. I sometimes tend to be a packrat! While I was out I bought a bird feeder and some seed - so far no birds have visited, nor have I had any takers that I can see at the hummingbird feeder, with the exception of a couple of ants. If they get to be too much of a problem I will take it down. The same goes for the bird seed - I am not going to buy bird seed for the squirrels.

I always have a difficult time unloading the truck because of the tight parking space in front of my apartment, and the placement of a concrete strip and azalea bushes on the passenger side. It is much easier to unload the truck if I can do it on either side, and today I had to back up with a heavy box until I could set it down on the pavement, and pick it up properly to carry it to my patio. I did fine and went back to close the truck doors, then made the mistake of backing out of the small space next to the truck. Somehow I lost my balance and tried to catch it, but felt myself going down. I hit my hip on the ground and while it is sort of achy, I think I'll be fine. No bruise that I can see.

This weekend if I can find a bedskirt I like, then I'll take pictures of the bedroom, and hopefully I can get rid of the boxes that are stacked against one living room wall. They are too sturdy for me to break down, and Joe has agreed to take them back and dispose of them properly.

My RV looks so forlorn on the storage lot. It is just as I found her on a lot in New Jersey. I thought I could give her a lot of TLC, but the "C" part of it was beyond my capabilities, at least what she needed. I sincerely hope I can find someone to buy her and appreciate her. That fifth wheel is really remarkable, but I just can't deal with all that is required to travel fulltime in one. She needs a nice couple, with one of the couple able to do all the maintenance and upkeep. I'm thinking positively.


  1. I can see what you mean about the curb!

  2. Hope your hip will be OK tomorrow. I understand your attachment to the 5thWheel sitting there all by it's lonesome. I felt the same when we did not use ours any more. Eventually we sold it but I am still sorry. We had lots of good times with it.

  3. In spite of the difficulties you encountered on your fulltime journey, you will have all of the good memories to think about too. I know from reading your past blog postings that you sure had a lot of great times too.

    Have a good weekend, and I hope the hip feels better soon.

  4. When we moved from the fifth wheel into the motorhome I didn't think the moving part would ever end. How I crammed so much stuff in that fiver I'll never know. It took forever.

    Sure hope your hip is okay. The bruise will probably show up tomorrow.

    I'm looking forward to the pictures of the apartment. Glad you're enjoying your new mattress. I just love getting a good night's sleep.

  5. Hey Gypsy, be careful of those curbs, the last thing you need now is a broken hip or something. Glad to see everything is still coming along fine. Too bad about your 5'er but I'm sure that eventually it will get a loving home and some family will get years of enjoyment out of it.

  6. Why don't yo take some pictures of your 5'er. Some of us out here who read your blog and want to get on the road might be interested in it.