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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A little action

Today was a busy day with the RV. Steve got so many calls from guys wanting to buy the truck - many offering cash on the spot. So he re-wrote the ad, indicating that it was the RV for sale and that the seller would consider selling both as a package, or the RV by itself. A number of dealers have called, including one who wants to view the 5th wheel tomorrow, so Steve and I went over this afternoon to try to get most of my junk out of it, and to clean it up a bit.

While we were working he got a call from a woman who wanted to come over to see it as soon as her husband could join her. We rushed and just about had everything looking spiffy when they arrived. They really seemed impressed and eager, so after spending some time looking at it they returned home to see what kind of cash they can come up with. They discussed price with Steve - I tried to stay busy taking bags out to the truck, but talking to them and answering questions when I could. I think they have a good idea what my bottom line will be. I have set the price to sell quickly, and I consider it a fair price. I would come down by a small amount but not by much, and I am adamant about it. I will come down by the lowest amount I think it would cost me to have the rig recaulked. Although Joe and Donald are willing and capable of doing it, it would take both of them a couple of full days, if not more. I just want a quick sale and am willing to make an adjustment.

It's ironic that now it is all clean and empty of clutter, how beautiful it really is and how I can see that so plainly now. I always knew it, but then I also know every little thing wrong with it. I just want it to be over with soon so I can get on with finding a suitable truck camper. I originally thought I would require "X" number of amenities, but now that I'm looking at only part-time RVing my requirements are a lot less. Most people who buy a TC are probably outdoors people to begin with, and I doubt I will be spending the bulk of my time indoors anyway. I am now dreaming about the visiting the Redwoods and the CA North Coast, maybe Mt. Shasta, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, possibly even Yellowstone. There will be so many more opportunities open to me and I won't have to worry so much about bridge clearances, winding roads, pull through spaces, etc. AND I WILL KEEP MY TRUCK!

I will mail the work agreement to Lassen when I am out tomorrow. My appointment with the eye surgeon was moved up by a couple of hours, which means I will have the entire morning to sit in the waiting room. I'm taking a book I've been wanting to start reading. Steve kept my truck so he can go directly to the storage lot tomorrow, and Jeannie will pick me up for my appointment. She would like to have ordered me not to drive yet but didn't dare, but I decided to wait one more day until I can get an assessment from the doctor. See, I am impatient but I'm not stupid nor do I want to have or cause an accident. I'm actually a pretty smart old lady!


  1. "I'm actually a pretty smart old lady!"

    Yes you are Gypsy & you older gals are generally a whole lot smarter than us older guys that's for sure!!

  2. That's great that you have someone that might want to buy your 5er! Good luck!

  3. I'm glad you're so smart and staying away from the driver's seat. I was a little worried. :)

  4. You are just one fantastic Grand Dame!

    Karen and Steve
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