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Sunday, April 4, 2010

A break in the weather

The past month has seen fairly good weather, although not all that warm, but at least dry. Today changed all that as it has rained for most of the day, quite heavily. I think it is going to continue into tomorrow as well. I will make an early trip to the RV (my laundry is still there and I'm running out of clean clothes), and to the grocery. I'll have to be careful what I buy that needs to be refrigerated. I definitely have a bigger fridge/freezer than I had in the RV, but it is configured differently and I doubt if I have a whole lot more usable space. Definitely more, but not a whole lot. The electric range is a space saver model and I think the fridge is too. Perfect for "up-sizing" just a bit.

It says a lot for RV's out there that smaller spaces are so well utilized, and that most have more storage than most people would even think of. I'm happy with what I have now though there is a lot to like about living in an RV. That said, I really wouldn't want to go back to fulltiming.

I spent the day at Jeannie and Donald's with family. The meal was excellent, followed by homemade angel food cake topped with strawberries and homemade whipped cream. WOW. Some things you just can't buy already prepared that tastes as heavenly as made from scratch. It was raining hard when I left and I wasn't far down the road when I realized I needed to turn around and go back to get my glasses. I don't even remember using them so I don't know why I took them out of my purse. The streets were mostly deserted and it was an easy 5+ mile drive back.

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  1. We were very 'gung-ho' on fulltiming a couple years ago about this time but have since cooled our heels a bit so I think I know how your feeling about it al right now.