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Monday, April 26, 2010

More stuff to find a place for

Steve and I went over to the 5th wheel today to pick up some things I want/need, including my desktop computer and some books. Now I have boxes cluttering up the living room again. At this rate it will be a while before I can post photos, but I did take a couple of the bathroom. The photo below is the only one to come out ok and I didn't have time to fool around with it. After this one, the living room will be the last to photograph.

We decided to advertise the 5ver and truck as is and see what kind of response we got. He emailed me a while ago with the 1st offer, which was very low. The interested party indicated they might go just a bit higher but not much. I will have to think about it - he just wants the 5ver and not the truck, so I would probably buy a truck camper (cabover) and keep my truck. I am giving it a week, and then we will rethink it. With my sight being as it is, and the fact the guys (2 sons and s-i-l) will find it difficult to spare a lot of time to fix it up, I think the best, quickest, and easiest for me is to just sell it as it is.

At least I'm off to a good start.


  1. Sometimes letting something go for a lesser price is worth it just to gain some peace of mind & move on to other things.

  2. Just make sure that it isn't too lowball a figure, We wil accept a little less for the house just to get it sold, but not give it away, compare what others in your size are going foe on Craigslist, or E-Bay, that genrally gives you a starting point.

  3. Waiting a week to make a decision is probably a good thing. Hard to do sometimes, though. :)

  4. You could always make him a counter-offer Gypsy. If his offer is really low, he's most likely expecting a counter offer from you. If you make it less than the original price, but still o.k. for you, I'll bet he'll come back with a better price!

  5. The counter offer idea is a good one. Just like when you sell a sticks and bricks home. Good luck!

  6. Good luck with selling your 5th wheel. Does the generator go with it? Will your Truck Camper have a geneartor? I had thought of doing the same thing, except, I have 50 gal fuel tank in the bed, so no slide in camper!