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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You win some, you lose some

The imp is dancing around this morning! I was so snug and toasty warm all night it wasn't until this morning I realized the furnace hadn't kicked on. I got up and turned on the stove - no familiar hiss of propane, so I knew I'd miscalculated. It really didn't matter all that much to me - yesterday Fred and Mary brought over a small electric heater for me to use, and I have my Lasko, so the rig warmed up quickly enough. The last time I had looked at the propane the second tank was about midway between red and green, so I thought I might make it. No harm done.

I got back from Ace Hardware with my two full tanks and got them hooked up with no problem. They aren't all that easy for me to lift, but I am parked pretty close so it wasn't too bad. Those full tanks feel like about 100# each! I thought about not hooking the water back up and just running on the fresh water tank, but the pump is annoying so I hooked up the hose, breaking the "L" connector in the process. I will need another one soon and I don't think I'll disconnect tonight - just let the water drip in one of the faucets to keep it moving. I totally forgot about looking at Ace for some insulation for the hose.

It is a bit scary when you have two full tanks of propane in the back of your pickup truck and some fool tailgates you. I drove nearly to the speed limit but it drives people crazy if they can't go their 10 mph over. Fortunately the roadway is fairly smoothe and I got home safely.

Fred and Mary also brought over some kindling he had chopped because they heard me say I couldn't get the fire going at the Sutler store with no kindling. That is such a nice thing for them to do, and I'm thankful for such great neighbors.

I hate to waste a second day off staying at home, but it's only warmed up in the sun and the wind is still a factor. I think I'll stay comfortable and just kick back today.


  1. Thank you, thank you....I was about to drive another day with the filled propane tank behind my drivers seat. Thanks to the ground being frozen like a Popsicle, I was able to drive close to my front door so that I wouldn't have to carry that heavy monster too far.

  2. Hangin there Gypsy, it's cold here too, going down int the 20's tonight and into the teens later this week. Just filled both propane tanks last week for the trailer.

    Stay Safe

  3. I'm sure hoping "ya'all" get some warm weather soon. You may have to break out the grits to warm up body and soul! Couldn't hurt.

  4. When my 30# tanks need replacing, I will go with 20# even if I have to fill more often. The bigger tanks are getting heavier every year.

  5. Well, speaking of propane.....we had the propane truck come right to the ranch to-day. $46.00

  6. Like I said the other night, Gypsy - it's Imps 1 Gypsy 0. You're are going to have to do something really spectacular to tie this game up with the Imps!

  7. Sounds cold all over the country Gypsy. We are looking at windchills tonight of 40-45 below....again!