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Thursday, January 28, 2010

City water connection

YAY, I have city water again, so no more grinding noise of the water pump. Sherri and Jim brought me a Hose Elbow (L Connector) this morning as they went to the super Walmart yesterday. When I was driving home this evening I passed Fred and Mary who were out for a walk, and they told me they had been to super Walmart and got me a Hose Elbow. I now have one on my rig, and one for my toolbox! Since my old one only lasted 7 months, I figure it is good security to have a spare. It is lovely not having to run out and add water to the fresh water tank, or to hear that awful water pump. Thanks to my wonderful fellow volunteers here at the Fort, I'm good to go.

We had a lot of folks stop in the sutler store today, although sales were typical of the month after Christmas holidays. A large group came in wearing blue t shirts and jackets indicating they were U of KY fans! It was fun talking with a lot of them who lived in or near Cincinnati. I myself was born in Kentucky but raised mostly in Cincinnati. I've lived so many different places it is getting more difficult to identify with any one city or state, although I'm feeling more Kentuckian as I get older.

I got a late start this evening and have to get up early for work tomorrow, so I will wait until tomorrow to post new pictures.


  1. Hooray...you have the elbow connection installed now. Enjoy lots of noise-free water!

  2. Glad to hear you got that L-connector and have it hooked up - enjoy the water!

  3. After boondocking for three weeks in Quartzsite I almost got used to the water pump noise. Notice I said almost. I really am glad to have hook ups again. So I know what you mean about the noise.

  4. Don't know how we have the technology to put a man on the moon but not the smarts to build a quiet water pump. Or is the lines running from the pump to the taps that are the real culprits vibrating against floors & walls. If that's the case I would chalk the noise up to poor workmanship on the RV's. I have a feeling it might be the latter!!

  5. We put an accumulator in the waterlines of our 5thWheel. That way we could get about a pint of water without the pump starting. I got used to the noise since we liked boondocking the best and only stayed in an RV park the first time we went South. Too much togetherness!

  6. I'm with you on the *togetherness* thing Vera!

    Good going Gypsy to have your water working, and have a spare part too! So nice those folks are looking out for you and helping. You are a blessed person to have such a great place to be.