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Saturday, January 9, 2010

When will this end

I look forward to better weather conditions ahead, but every time I look at a forecast, I see they keep pushing the "warmer" weather back a few days. What was supposed to be occurring on Tuesday will now possibly happen on Thursday. It's like a carrot in front of the donkey! I look at the temperatures in Sacramento and I'm longing to be on my way. And it's not even all that warm there, but at least 50's in the daytime with 40's at night sounds pretty good to me. Ara leaves next weekend to go back to college in PA, and will she ever experience a shock. Maybe by then Pennsylvania will have a warming trend. I give up on Georgia!

I worked at the Visitors Center today where I had the company of Mary and Fred (Volunteers), Megan, Joann, and Patty (Rangers). We didn't have much business so it was nice to have people to talk to.

I will keep this short today because I still don't have my normal optimism back. Hopefully it hasn't wandered far.


  1. Hang in there Gypsy. It can't last forever, can it??????

  2. If you send me over one cold rainy day so I can caught up with my computer stuff I will send you over 3 sunny & warm Arizona days in return.......OK:))

  3. This too will pass. That's what I keep being told.

  4. It is raining here, but I take that over your cold. Hope it changes soon for you

  5. Buck up, girl! A week of cold can't dampen the positives of this lifestyle. ;)