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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kicking back

I came home after working all day, walked the dog, changed clothes and popped open a cold one, and I'm so glad to just chill out before I start supper. It was a busy day, and sometimes people just came in to look around and warm up. I work tomorrow and will then be off two days.

Before I forget, I want to mention that comments to my blog appear here on the blog itself, and also come to me in an email. Sometimes folks have questions, or I want to respond to their comments, and I REPLY to the email. I am beginning to doubt that these replies ever reach the intended person, or anyone for that matter. I know several people have asked about RV parks in this area, and I have responded that the nearest one is River's End on Tybee Island, about 5 miles from the Fort. I know this park comes up online with a Google search, and have no doubt they are in the major directories. I will be working here until the end of February, at which time I will travel west to Sacramento, and would love to visit with anyone passing through this area.

No matter what the weather forecasters predicted, it is cold today with a bitter wind blowing. I heard a life-long Savannah resident tell someone that due to the high humidity it feels colder than it is, plus when you add the wind factor it's downright uncomfortable. I chuckle to myself because I always thought it was a joke when Sacramentans said to me "Oh, but it's a dry heat." Maybe there is something to that, although I will never really admit it, but it is possible that a dry heat isn't as hot, and a dry cold isn't as cold, as the reverse. (Don't tell any Sacramentans that I'm related to, but I would give anything to spend a day in a dry heat right now.)

When I walked Lady this evening we took a path that is close to the river, as we usually do. At the same time we were there a huge container ship came alongside us on its way out to sea. We stopped for a few minutes, me admiring the beautiful grace of such a ship, but when I was ready to leave Lady wouldn't move. She watched the ship intently until it was nearly out of sight. I wonder what was going through her mind.


  1. I've received emails from you Gypsy so they are working! I've never understood "dry" heat or "dry" cold. To me, it's just hot or cold - plain and simple!

  2. I know it SEEMS colder when the humidity is up in either hot or cold. Isn't that what they mean by "it feels" as in heat index or wind chill when given a certain temp? Anyway, it's sure been cold this year where we are, and it's not done yet. I'm with you I wonder what dogs think when they watch TV or something of interest.

  3. Oh, a damp cold, like West side of WA or England, seems a lot colder than a dry cold.
    Then the humid heat we have here, near Houston, seems a lot hotter than the dry heat of AZ, or NM.
    The heat in Dallas was like walking into an oven!! The temperatures are higher there than here.
    But cold is still cold, and heat is still hot. Be nice if we could have in-between all the time!
    Maybe the container ship was full of dog food??
    Take care of yourself.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  4. Maybe Lady was thinking her ship had come in? :)

  5. We have a lot of students from up North and Canada who swear that it is colder here than up there due to the humidity. My hubby is from Canada and he said that the cold here was one of the hardest things he had to adjust to.

  6. I get all my comments on my blog in my email, but a lot of them don't have their real emails attached and say or some such, but it does start out "non reply" and those you can't reply to.

    But you can pop over to their blogs and find their emails on their profiles most times.

    Glad you are doing well. :)