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Sunday, January 3, 2010

A walk to the lighthouse-2nd post Jan. 3

The sun warmed us up a bit this afternoon and I had to walk off my frustration at not being able to get online, so I decided to hike the Cockspur Island Lighthouse Trail. It's only about a mile and a half round trip and is a nice walk on a shady, meandering trail. You can't get to the lighthouse in fact, because it sits out in the water, so I had to be content with looking at it from the end of the trail. It is actually much clearer than the picture shows. I could see much more detail and was very disappointed when I downloaded my pictures from the camera. Because of the glare from the sun I couldn't see an absolute thing I was shooting at - all 21 photos that I took!

Here is the lighthouse which shows up much better if you click to enlarge it. To the left of the lighthouse you can see a large container ship that was entering the Savannah River - the fourth such ship I've seen today is now gliding past my window! (Note: before I posted this entry yet another ship floated by.) A sign on the trail states that over 2000 of these cargo ships enter the river each year. The ones I see most often are the South Korean Hanjin line, one of the largest shipping companies in the world. Next in my unscientific estimation is Maersk, a Swedish line (I think). To the right of the lighthouse is the South Channel of the river. Tybee Island can be seen behind the lighthouse, and the Atlantic Ocean is about 2 miles away.

I spent about an hour on the walk, which included a few minutes sitting on a bench at the far end of the trail. There are benches placed along the trail and even a picnic table about halfway. It was nice seeing the Fort from a different perspective - you can see some of the gouges in the wall made by the cannons. Most were repaired but several were not.


  1. I find that the solitude of just sitting on a bench in a beautiful place is the best thing. Wish I was on that bench looking at the lighthouse. Nice photos, even if you don't like them a lot.

  2. Photo looked fine to me Gypsy....maybe you had a little Savannah sea salt on your glasses:))