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Thursday, January 7, 2010

A very slow day

I worked at the Visitors Center all day today, and business was extremely slow. It gave me a chance to look at some of the newer books that have come in. I also had a chance to talk to some of the visitors about the Fort, and it's so amazing to me what I've learned since I've been here. That is one of the plus factors of workamping, especially in a national or state park - learning that you would have otherwise never picked up. I suppose that is also the value of traveling to unfamiliar places. The more I travel and the more places in the world I've visited, I've come away with the understanding that we are all part of a great "Whole" - and not better nor worse than anyone else - just possibly different.

Have I said lately that I love my job? And the folks I work with? And the little part of Georgia that I'm living in? SUPER!

At lunch time the sun was out and it seemed considerably warmer, no doubt because there wasn't any wind. Now we are in for a few more cold days and frigid nights until a warming trend comes along late next week. That's in the forecast at least, but always subject to revision!


  1. It's always great hearing how people love what they're doing. I hope you stay warm, it's going to get cold this next week.

  2. Maybe things were slow today due to the cold weather. Anyway, it's great that you are happy in this new working position.

  3. I hope your warming trend comes soon. I hate being cold. It was great here today.