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Monday, January 25, 2010

Holding on to my energy

I notice that since I'm working at the Fort I seem to be much more tired at the end of the day, and simply can't stay awake very long after supper. It finally dawned on me that being an introvert, I need time to myself after being out with people in order to recoup my energy. It is the way with all introverts, and the opposite is true for extroverts - they are energized by being around groups of people.

All day long I am meeting and greeting folks, from the time I arrive and am with my colleagues for a little while before I head out to the Fort to open the store. From then on I talk to a lot of people - most who come into the store like to engage in conversation about the Fort itself, the Civil War, Savannah and surrounding areas, the states and cities where they are from, and a great variety of topics. They ask questions and I have absorbed enough of the history of this place to enjoy trying to answer the questions. I love going to work in the mornings, but working several days in a row takes its toll on my energy level, and all I want to do is to sleep. So today and tomorrow I am off work and hope to enjoy being with me!

Several days ago I took a picture of what the Union used as solitary confinement for their Confederate prisoners. This room was originally a shell magazine, but it was turned into a dark little hole for prisoners deserving of extra punishment Of course there were no electric lights, and 6 officers who tried to escape were housed in this little room for a time.

I couldn't leave the store so I just amused myself by taking pictures from my doorway. This is looking directly across the parade ground to the prison.

I used the zoom on my camera to bring the prison a bit closer. Click on pictures to enlarge.


  1. Gypsy - I can so relate to your needing to recoup by yourself. I've spent the last three weeks trying to herd cats - the big group of us here at Quartzsite and I too am exhausted. But I could retreat to my house when it got to bad and have an hour to myself. So please enjoy yourself. I enjoy my own company very much.

  2. Kelly & I are the same Gypsy. We find people contact very draining. I prefer the physical tiredness after a good day's hike. Kelly is in total people contact with her job back home all summer but when we travel we love our privacy. That's why we will never stay in campgrounds or do work camping jobs that involve people. We have both done the people thing big time years ago & it took both of us a long time to realize there was a higher & quieter plateau to be reached. Much better now than doing all that people stuff everday:))

  3. Nice pics, Gypsy. I'm with you on all of the people stuff too, that's why we don't attend rally's etc. We much prefer our privacy and being able to do what we want when we want. Contrary to what my friend Al thinks, it is possible to have privacy even in a large RV park. I don't find that difficult at all.

  4. Gordon and I are also introverts so we completely understand!

    While we attend some potlucks at campgrounds, we mostly stay to ourselves.

  5. I enjoy your photos. They give me trailer itch fever...

  6. Funny thing how a lot of us Bloggers are in the same boat...only alone, please. Bruce and I are of the same nature where we mostly just keep to ourselves. We haven't joined Escapees as it doesn't seem like we're into a bunch of group activities (and all of that eating). We've yet to join big group activites, or potlucks, at snowbird parks we've been to. We enjoy people, and like to talk with them when we're out and about, but we don't really need them to be able to enjoy the RV lifestyle. If anybody needs a "people fix" they'll still be out there waiting for them to join in.

    Enjoy your day to regroup. You and Lady can have a peaceful, quiet day.

  7. The more pictures I see from the Fort it looks like Ft. Macon in NC

    Thanks for the picture looking out the door of the store.