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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Weekend" nearly over

My weekend happens to fall on Monday and Tuesday this week and next. I found a place to get my truck's oil changed, and spoke to them about a rough sensation and noise from the steering column. I will take it back next Monday morning when I am off work again and have that problem taken care of. One of the service techs drove it to try to determine where the noise was coming from, and he thinks it is a boot on something that goes into the firewall. Hey, I don't understand it, and maybe I have the sequence of words wrong, but essentially they will lubricate something that should clear it up. I was worried it could be brake pads but he didn't think so.

I remembered to eat lunch BEFORE I went to the grocery, but still came home with chocolate eclairs, pecan danish, and a big jar of cashews with sea salt and pepper. Imagine if I had been hungry!

I got my hair trimmed as I want to get the cut into a different shape, and will go back again towards the end of February by which time it should be a little longer and a little fuller.

My mother was born on this day in 1920. She lived 83 years, just short of her 84th birthday, a long and full life. Raising 8 children wasn't easy, especially with me being the first, but I'd say she and my dad together did a tremendous job. They were loving parents, devoted to each other and to their children. They didn't have a lot of money but I don't remember that we wanted for any of the necessities, and our household was full of love. She still nags me from time to time: Don't go outside with your hair wet; wear a hat; put on a sweater or you'll catch pneumonia; never hang clean curtains on dirty windows; and you get the picture! Mary Elizabeth Willett Federle, I miss you. (1920-2003)


  1. Your Mom sounds like a wonderful woman and your parents had a wonderful marriage.

    Was your Mom 83 or 63? I got a bit confused.

    I hope you had a nice two days off [you reminded me I need a haircut too! :)]

  2. I'm glad you're found out a little more about the truck noise. I hate noises that have no reason. You're days off went FAST!

  3. Nice tribute to remember your mother today. and whoo hooo on the cashews! my favorite!

  4. My mom was also huge in my life,


  5. Your Mom sounds like she was a wonderful, caring person and I'm sure she would be thrilled that you went out and bought all those goodies on her birthday!! Enjoy them!

  6. Nice birthday tribute to your Mom. Sounds like she and your Dad raised a very nice daughter (not that the other 7 siblings weren't nice, too).

    Glad you'll be able to get the truck repaired.