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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Working Confederate Sunday

I was busy from the time I went to the Fort this morning until closing. Sunday is normally a day off for me so I don't get to hear the piper, for one thing. I've been on the Prison Tour, plus the guided tour and musket firing, so the piper was an interesting event for me. I took two photos - one of him on the terraplain playing the bagpipes, and the second one of him playing the penny whistle. (Note: click on photos to get an enlarged and much better picture.)

The morning went pretty smoothly and in the early afternoon the young teens started coming in small groups. The first four were just looking at everything and acting silly. One was a tall skinny boy, who probably grew so fast he hadn't yet learned how to manipulate his arms and legs in a graceful fashion. I was relieved when they started out the door, but then the last boy stopped, pulled out his wallet, and inserted a donation to the Park in a special barrel for that purpose. I thought that was such a sweet gesture and then I felt a bit guilty for hoping they wouldn't stay long.

After that I tried to look at everyone who came in without making judgments, which is easier said than done, but I'm trying.

I took a package of Ritz crackers and a jar of peanut butter for my lunch, so it was a long day in the store. I think I'll plan to come home for lunch tomorrow. Lady was glad to see me when I arrived home - she is used to me dropping in during the day. On our walk I took this picture. Whenever I see the birds congregated like this I think of the song that goes something like this:

All God's children sing in the choir; some sing low, some sing higher;
Some sing out loud on the telephone wire, etc.

The weather was mild today, with a brief shower and a couple of episodes where the wind really kicked up. I think it will be a few degrees lower tomorrow, but it really doesn't matter because it is always colder inside the casemates at the Fort. We got a load of firewood, wonderful smelling hickory, but unseasoned and wet! I can deal with one more day and then have a couple days off - hopefully.


  1. What a beautiful post, Gypsy. People never cease to amaze us do they? Enjoyed all of your wonderful photos today.

  2. I love the birds. It looks like they're hanging in midair. Loved the post. We think alike.

  3. I always figured them there birds on the telephone wires was listening to what folks was talking about. With the advent of cell phones those birds are going to be missing out on a whole lotta juicy gossip......10-4:))

  4. After thinking about your post title overnight, I'm just too curious not to ask - what in the heck is a "Confederate Sunday"? Or, do I really want to know?