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Thursday, January 21, 2010

And the rains came down

Fast and furious they fell! At one point the parade ground looked more like a marsh.

Business was extremely slow but I just tried to stay warm. The heat is back on, which is good, although the old casemates weren't build for that kind of heating and never really get "hot" warm, which is what I want to be for just a little while. While I was off for a couple of days Patty cleaned out the fireplace and it looked too good to even think about messing it up again.

I must have writer's block because I've reached the end of today's post!


  1. Gypsy: how long are you at Fort P? We are in South Florida right now and headed back towards Tampa and Orlando soon for 3 weeks or so. After reading all your great reports on Fort P we thought we'd stop there as we start north (towards the end of Feb) and it would be great to meet you and to see the sights. We have a HH which is 35 or 36 feet long and I assume the campground could fit our trailer. Dione from NuWa forum

  2. Well, it's raining here in California too. Hopefully, we'll all be in the sunshine again soon!

  3. Hey Gypsy, could you send me over the receipe for writer's block. I sure could use some of that.....

  4. I'm with you Gypsy...I wish the rain would quit. At least for a while. We got so much rain today we didn't even go outside except to walk Annie. And we're just blowing it your way to the east, unfortunately. Sorry!