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Friday, January 22, 2010

No TGIF for me!

The weekend is here, but it will be business as usual for me. Since I retired I have always felt that every day is just another day off, although with volunteering there is an element of structure to my week, which is probably a good thing.

It didn't rain today but the wind is chilly, and although the temperature supposedly got up to 60 today I don't believe it! A few hardy souls ventured over to the Fort today but most stayed at the warm Visitors Center. The folks who came into the Sutler store were fun to chat with but few of them bought anything. I had visitors from Manitoba, Canada, as well as quite a few who are on their way to Florida.

I am about to get hitch itch, and when I finish my 3-month commitment at Dinosaur this summer I am only going to accept positions that will allow me to work on a 2-month commitment with a possible extension. That third month seems to be harder than the first two put together, and I'm sure February will find me anxious to get on the road again. What I really want to do is to get rid of this 5th wheel before something else goes wrong with it, and get into something smaller that I can handle.

I've been daydreaming about renting a small house somewhere with a long driveway where I can park a little RV until I feel the urge to travel, and then have a place to return to when I need to stop and rest. If I ever figure out a location in this huge country where I'd like to rent this little house, I'll do it in a heartbeat! There are so many factors that go into deciding on the best location - taxes, insurance, vehicle licensing, CLIMATE, distance from either Sacramento CA or Hudson Valley NY, my personal likes and dislikes, and so on. I should probably start making a list. I just hope to be able to travel until I make that final trip, and I hope that is a long way off!


  1. Just keep thinking and planning and I'm sure you'll find that 'perfect little place' Gypsy!

  2. Making a list is a good idea. One side for Pros and one side for Cons for each location you think about. I wish you luck. Hopefully you'll find the right RV for you.

  3. Sounds like great plans to me, Gypsy. A little house to rent plus a small RV may be just the ticket to give you everything you need.

  4. Somewhere between full timing & sitting at home is something we Canadians call snowbirding. It's the best of both worlds so to speak. You can travel plus have a home base as well. Heading out on a trip is a pretty nice feeling but heading home to a secure easy chair is pretty darn nice too:)) Yes, you definitely have to trade in your dinosaur for a quarter horse.

  5. It's funny how after hundreds of miles of traveling and camping and visiting, the best sight I have ever seen in all my travels is my own driveway and home after a long trip. I know what you mean.